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2021 A year in Retrospect

2021 A year in Retrospect

SISQUAL WFM had to face a few challenges in another year marked by the global pandemic, but also conquered big achievements and recognition for its management carried in different areas, with a special focus on the health sector. SISQUAL WFM‘s presence in the global spectrum and the strategy adopted to respond effectively to the new demands of the labour market, allowed us to work and improve solutions in order to facilitate the daily lives of our clients.

2021 was a year marked by changes, but also by new goals and opportunities to grow. We have strengthened the presence of the workforce management tool, SISQUAL WFM, in the international Workforce Management market, we have adapted to new challenges, we have risked new formats and, above all, we have set ourselves the goal to innovate every day.

In a year once again marked by COVID-19, we have learned that together, even if in different parts of the world, it is possible to work as a team and transform the experience of all those who use our tool on a daily basis.

This year of 2022 is expected to be a year of vision, consolidation and expansion for SISQUAL WFM in order to conquer new markets. As SISQUAL WFM‘s Vice-President, José Pedro Fernandes, once said in an interview for Grupo Mídia, “Insist, resist and never give up is the secret of good management”.


Timeline for SISQUAL WFM in 2021:


New Collaboration Formats:

Workforce Management Professional Certification 

Workforce Conference: Flexible hours – Risk or Opportunity?


New Clients:

Centroxogo trusts SISQUAL to improve planning of its teams

Bluepharma joins SISQUAL® WFM software

Bluepharma managers’ opinions about SISQUAL WFM

SECURITAS acquires SISQUAL® WFM software to manage its teams

Lusiaves acquires SISQUAL® WFM software

Makro starts the implementation of SISQUAL Workforce Management


Principle Power renews energy with SISQUAL WFM



Alfa Group bets on SISQUAL to manage its employees

Implementation of SISQUAL solutions in public hospitals in Brazil allows cost reduction of over 109 million reais

How SISQUAL WFM works in favour of the Health Sector


SISQUAL WFM events: 

SISQUAL at the Fórum Lide – Health and Wellness 2021

SISQUAL participates in the Healthcare Business Forum 2021

SISQUAL WFM attends the “Health Business Forum”

SISQUAL will be present in the Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid

SISQUAL Brazil gathers personalities in Belo Horizonte


2021 Awards:

Brazil: SISQUAL is the ‘Most Recalled Brand in the Health Sector

COTEC 2021 Innovative Statute is awarded to SISQUAL WFM

SISQUAL distinguished with ISO / IEC 27701 standard

Jose Pedro Fernandes elected Healthcare 100 most influential

SISQUAL WFM wins ‘Health Leaders’ 2021 Award