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Alfa Group bets on SISQUAL to manage its employees

Alfa Group bets on SISQUAL to manage its employees

The Alfa Group is a group of Brazilian companies that works mainly in the financial sector but operates in several other sectors, including insurance, agribusiness, food, construction materials, communication, culture, leather industry, and hospitality. In November 2020 they started the project to implement the SISQUAL WFM tool in order to effectively manage their employees.

With headquarters in São Paulo and branches in seven other cities in Brazil (Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Brasília), the Alfa group was born in 1925, with the foundation of Banco da Lavoura de Minas Gerais by Clemente Faria and today holds major brands such as Banco Alfa, Transamérica Hotels, Rede Transamérica de Comunicação, Transamérica Expo Center, C&C, LaBasque among others.

The group found in SISQUAL® WFM the ideal solution to achieve more efficiency in the management of its human resources, replacing Excel and manual controls of about 5000 employees, which resulted in a lot of work and excessive manual controls, thus impacting the productivity of its teams. With this, the large Brazilian conglomerate seeks to increase its productivity with efficient planning and operational cost reduction.

One of the group’s concerns is to logically dimension the teams of the C&C construction and decoration products stores, which will start planning their stores based on SISQUAL Forecast and dimension the teams through SISQUAL Team Dimensioning.

Besides the modules acquired specifically for C&C, the whole group will start to manage its workforce with the following modules, including the functionalities of labor alerts, absence legislation, and organization chart:

More than 75,000 managers, spread all over the world, use SISQUAL® WFM to effectively plan their workforce, reduce costs and increase productivity. Join 28 years of experience and over 1,000 companies already using SISQUAL WFM solutions and start engaging your workforce now!