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Implementation of SISQUAL solutions in public hospitals in Brazil allows cost reduction of over 109 million reais

Implementation of SISQUAL solutions in public hospitals in Brazil allows cost reduction of over 109 million reais

Having a positive contribution to the healthcare field is in SISQUAL’s DNA. Being currently one of the main WFM solutions for health and retail worldwide, SISQUAL has a wide experience of 28 years and more than 250 hospitals in its portfolio. Since then, it has conquered more and more segments, as is the case of Social Health Organizations (OSS) in Brazil. We had a chat with Fernando Zucki, sales director in SISQUAL Brazil, to understand more about SISQUAL presence in the third sector.

“The first contact with the OSS occurred about 8 years ago when a project aimed at reducing costs and improving the quality of services was developed. This model of organization is nothing more than philanthropic institutions of the third, non-profit sector, responsible for managing health services of the SUS (Single Health System) throughout Brazil, in partnership with the municipal and state health secretariats”, says the Sales Director.

Over time, more OSS’s have joined SISQUAL. “Currently SISQUAL has more than 150 managed healthcare units, being present in almost every states of Brazil. We manage more than 110,000 employees that are impacted by the workforce solutions we provide on a daily basis”, he adds.

Seconci-SP, Fundação do ABC, Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia e Saúde (INTS), Fundação Estatal de Atenção à Saúde (FEAS), Instituto Sócrates Guanaes (ISG Saúde), a Fundação José Silveira, o Grupo Pró-Saúde, Instituto de Gestão e Humanização (IGH), Obras Sociais Irmã Dulce and Santa Casa da Bahia some of the clients in this sector that already count on the support of SISQUAL’s tools in the automation of part of the administrative processes, cost reduction and increase in productivity.

When asked about the cost reduction inherent to these types of tools, Fernando Zucki says: “We are talking about an economy that exceeds 109 million reais. We can say, according to our success cases, that we have achieved a tangible reduction in the payroll up to 7% in the amount spent on people.”

“We feel like we have contributed technologically in the way of managing hospital teams and especially to contribute with productivity and cost reduction with SUS, hospitals that have limited resources and have been suffering from the pandemic”, says Zucki.

“One of the great challenges of the OSS was to remotely manage several units and with control in Excel and manual, thus generating delays in the information for decision making by the matrix. With the use of SISQUAL, it was possible to have online information and total control of the largest cost of a hospital, the payroll.”

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