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Food Retail

food retail

It’s hard to manage multiple store shifts, with long opening hours and yet keep track of when your employees are really working, so SISQUAL® WFM is the perfect solution for you!

Using a Workforce Management software provides you with a better service to your customers as well as improves the quality of life of your employees, increase your company’s productivity and reduce costs.

Our software will automatically optimize the schedule of your store so that you can be sure that the right people will be at the right place at the right time. It will give you enough time to manage other administrative tasks as well as other benefits.

Set the schedules for your entire organization or individual departments.

Create the perfect schedule with the use of advanced forecast algorithms and rules.

Handling your employees’ needs along with your management duties in just one place will help you reduce your costs.

You will have the right person with the right skills at the right place – at the right time.

Join more than 1,000 customers and trust SISQUAL® WFM to deliver the best schedule your staff can have!

Food Retail Customers


SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal

Engage with your staff by providing individual schedules and personal info through a Portal and APP, give access to time & attendance data, overtime control, holidays, shift change requests etc.

SISQUAL® Dashboard

Business analysis: Insights about all locations, departments, employees, performance and budgeting


SISQUAL® Footfall

Record traffic: Know how many visitors you had/have every hour of every day at every one of your locations.

SISQUAL® Profiler

Outcome visualization: Compare & profile information about historical and present, sales, footfall, weather, events vs. performed services at every one of your locations.

SISQUAL® Forecast

Preview demand: predict the future expected visitors and tickets at each location by the hour with a robust algorithm.


SISQUAL® Team Dimensioning

The right size: Create the ‘perfect team’ aligned with the predicted traffic data.


Work optimisation: plan and assign tasks, manually or automatically, realizing the value from the schedule.

SISQUAL® Auto Scheduling

The right team: schedule with one-click your people based on business demand, personal preferences, and labour law.


SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit

Dynamic visualization: take control of planned and unplanned staff activities, holidays, sickness, overtime/extra hours, with real-time labour law alerts and suggestions for gap-solving.

SISQUAL® Time & Attendance

Automatic presence control: make visible real-time staff presence and get the actual number of hours worked.

SISQUAL® Notifier

Communicate: Get real-time exception notifications by SMS, email etc., to better control all activities such as the absence of key/enough personnel.

SISQUAL® Expenses Management

Keep your processes simple! Provide an easy tool to for your staff submit their expenses through the SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal.



Reward your staff: create a productive environment with tailor-made visible campaigns for your staff, during ‘bonus’ periods, and link them to payroll.

SISQUAL® SalaryCalc

Manage Costs: plan in principle budgets for schedule, manage the cost, report accurate pre-calculated final salary details to your ERP/Payroll system.