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SECURITAS acquires SISQUAL® WFM software to manage its teams

SECURITAS acquires SISQUAL® WFM software to manage its teams

The market leader in the alarm industry in Portugal joined SISQUAL software in 2021

Securitas Direct, a pioneer company in the private security sector in Portugal, started, in January 2021, a project of time management and salary integration using the SISQUAL WFM tool. 

Founded in 1988 in Malmö, Sweden, and active in 15 countries in Europe and South America, it has already 150,000 clients in Portugal, having won the Consumer Choice award for the 5th consecutive year back in 2020.  

In Portugal, the group found in the SISQUAL® WFM software the ideal solution for effective management of employee schedules and times, replacing the planning and control of more than 800 employees that used to be done in Excel, which resulted in a lot of manual work. This means that there is now one centralized system, where no part of the operation now has manual processes. 

Within the Securitas Direct teams, the SISQUAL software will also help in the planning and management of schedules of a division dedicated to alarm maintenance.  

For this, the modules acquired were: 

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