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How SISQUAL WFM works in favour of the Health Sector

How SISQUAL WFM works in favour of the Health Sector

SISQUAL has been in Brazil for almost 10 years and already has more than 250 hospitals and clinics that use the Workforce Management software to manage their teams. To better understand the management process of the SISQUAL WFM, we spoke with two members of the SISQUAL Brazilian team, Karine Vilan, Implementation Analyst, and Raphael Gonçalves, Project Manager responsible for Bahia and São Paulo’s teams, on how the implementation of a work tool like SISQUAL WFM can bring more quality to health services.

How can Workforce Management benefit clients in the Health sector?

The main advantage of the use of a tool such as SISQUAL WFM in the Health sector is that the system itself shows clearly and objectively the number of hours foreseen to be worked through comparison with the scale created by the manager. This action allows equal and fair planning, both for the employees and for the hospital. This way, it is possible to ensure better management of teams and their schedules but also of the actual service levels, through the automatic generation of alerts in order not to compromise the hospital activity as a whole.

What are the main needs of this sector?

As the health sector is very dynamic, our tool is ideal for operational managers or supervisors, as it facilitates the management of schedules, resulting in a clear vision of the number of employees available per shift. Through easy, quick and up-to-date access to the hour’s balance, it is possible to plan for future operations.

How is the software implemented directly at the client?

Initially, there is data and information gathering to identify improvement points. After the configuration of the system to receive the employees, it’s time for training of the team who will use the tool (involving HR, IT and assistance employees) which will be multipliers of information to the remaining managers.
In the next phase, the system is used by a pilot sector that will be responsible for identifying necessary adjustments before it goes into production. Afterwards, and after ensuring the data integrity, the final step is for the entire hospital to go into production, with the direct supervision of the HR department.

Is there a client follow-up after the implementation of SISQUAL WFM?

Yes, after the implementation we follow up with at least two payrolls to verify the information. We are also always available to respond to client doubts and possible adjustments. After this implementation, the client moves on to the support phase, in which a communication flow is determined to attend service requests.

Which relevant projects in the Health sector have benefited from SISQUAL WFM?

One of the most prominent projects we had was LABCMI (Álvaro Bahia League Against Childhood Mortality) and more recently HRSR – Regional Santa Rita Hospital. Currently, Bahia provides support to 23 hospitals/social organizations.

What are the next relevant projects in the health sector?

Our next project will take place in a social health organization (OSS) that manages a total of 5 hospitals in 3 cities, in Bahia. It is a large and more complex operation but it will also have a better return after the implementation of SISQUAL WFM.

With a global vision and directed to a very heterogeneous public, SISQUAL aims to support institutions by enhancing the management of their human resources and improving the quality of both the employer and the employee. For this matter, the Health sector has proved to be a winning bet in the implementation of the SISQUAL Workforce Management tool, allowing to safeguard not only the operability of health care but also the safety of the patient.

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