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SISQUAL WFM will attend the “Health Business Forum”

SISQUAL WFM will attend the “Health Business Forum”

From the 25th to the 28th of November, the Comandatuba island, in Bahia, will be the main centre for sharing experiences in the health sector, hosting the 18th edition of Saúde Business Fórum (SBF). The health leadership event, which theme is “The new urgent: how to redesign the health sector amidst a hybrid society“, enhances the creation of partnerships and new business opportunities enabling the creation of innovative solutions for the health sector.

SBF brings together, annually, in Brazil, the heads of the main hospitals, operators, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies of the country. This year, the new SISQUAL WFM CEO in Brazil, Eduardo Dias Jorge, will present which benefits the software brings to hospital management.

SISQUAL WFM is the main supplier of Workforce Management (WFM) tools for the health sector in the country, with the management of more than 400 thousand users throughout Brazil. “It is a privilege to be part of SBF and to make the tool known as a competitive and innovation differential, reinforcing our commitment to all entities in the health area, with special focus on the guarantee of hospital service levels and patient safety”, points out Eduardo Dias Jorge. Therefore, “we have adjusted and created new features within our WFM tool that allow combining productivity and quality of life as a major engine for workforce management” he reinforces.

The SISQUAL WFM presence in events directed to the health sector has brought numerous benefits for the company, through the generation of partnerships and new business opportunities. The tool currently responds to 250 clients in the Brazilian market, 200 of which are hospitals.

The SISQUAL WFM team was recently awarded for the third consecutive year as the “Most remembered brand – Solution for Decision Making” in the Health sector in Brazil and is recognized in the market as one of the main companies in the world dedicated to the development of software solutions for Workforce Management.