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Bluepharma managers’ opinions about SISQUAL WFM

Bluepharma managers’ opinions about SISQUAL WFM

Bluepharma, a Portuguese pharmaceutical company, started the SISQUAL WFM implementation project in January 2021 and 6 months later, they sent us a pleasing testimony.

Bluepharma is a pharmaceutical group with exclusively Portuguese private capital, dedicated to the research, production, and trading of pharmaceutical products. It is based in S. Martinho, Coimbra, and its location is one of the strategic advantages of the company’s activities. Their project started in January and you can learn all about it here.

The testimonials are from Vera Domingos and Daniel Pereira, both have great responsibility within the company and for the time management of all their teams.

For Daniel Pereira, responsible for the packaging sector in Bluepharma and the management of 90 team members, the process was once “very complex and time-consuming”, and since the company started to use SISQUAL WFM, he takes almost half the time to do the same task, and hopefully, once he gets more experienced, it will take even less time. For Daniel, the new tool came to simplify the entire process, since the workload was reduced and the communication is agile. There is more transparency with the information management and he feels he gets more flexibility with the mobile APP since he no longer needs to be in front of the computer to manage his team member’s time management.

Watch Daniel Pereira’s full testimonial, with English subtitles, below:

For Vera Domingos, responsible for logistics and the management of 17 team members, SISQUAL is a “winning bet”. For her, “SISQUAL was an asset, not only for time managers and for human resources, but also for the employees themselves”. Vera says that the paper bureaucracy was reduced by 95% while the time spent on time management was about 90%.

Watch Vera Domingos’s full testimonial, with English subtitles, below:

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