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Makro starts the implementation of SISQUAL Workforce Management

Makro starts the implementation of SISQUAL Workforce Management

Makro Portugal, a Portuguese subsidiary of the German group METRO, began its project to implement SISQUAL WFM in May 2021, with 1100 employees. The company seeks to optimize its workforce in a more agile and efficient way.

Makro is a Portuguese subsidiary of the German group METRO, a German multinational based in Düsseldorf that operates in Cash & Carry. The group provides a global service, supplying the HoReCa channel (hotel, restaurant and similar) and liberal professionals. The group is among the top 10 wholesalers in the world, between Walmart, Carrefour and Tesco. In 2020, the German group bought Aviludo, another SISQUAL client, with a great market share in the wholesale market in the country.

In Portugal since 1989, Makro has been one of the main national wholesale distribution companies in food and non-food products sales. The first Makro Cash & Carry Portugal S.A. store was opened in Alfragide in 1990, and today it is one of the Group’s 10 most representative stores worldwide. Today, the company has 10 units present in the main economic and urban centres of the country.

The time management of the 1100 employees has been a challenge, so they were looking for a solution to decentralize the responsibility of time management and the planning and generation of work schedules, which before was done by HR through paper and excel sheets, a very rudimentary system. First, they implemented a project with another WFM solution, but the project did not achieve the expected goals, and then, they sought SISQUAL in search of a complete solution and with experience to manage the team’s schedules and manage work hours.

In May 2021, the company started the implementation of SISQUAL WFM with the acquisition of the modules: SISQUAL Dashboards, SISQUAL Operations Cockpit, SISQUAL Time & Attendance, SISQUAL Quality of Life Portal, SISQUAL Salary Calc. It will start in 3 stores: Alfragide, Matosinhos and Cascais, then will continue with a rollout process in the remaining 7 stores in the country.

The main goal of the company is to organize its operations and workforce management. With better planning, communication between teams, agility in the processes and mainly to give more responsibility to the team leaders in the time management of their store employees.

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