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Lusiaves acquires SISQUAL® WFM software

Lusiaves acquires SISQUAL® WFM software

In April 2021 SISQUAL started the project to deploy the SISQUAL WFM tool to effectively manage all employees of Lusiaves, a positive result from a tender invitation.

Lusiaves is one of the largest companies in central Portugal, founded on April 14, 1986, and whose activity is diversified, which goes from the breeding of hens for chick farming, incubation, broiler raising, attending to the whole cycle of broiler production, free-range chicken and turkeys, as well as their meat processing and distribution to the point of sale.

The company’s commitment is to continue investing in the development and launching of innovative products to strengthen its market leadership through consumers’ preference and trust in the brand.

The group found in the SISQUAL® WFM software the ideal solution for increasing effectiveness and optimal productive efficiency, replacing a team planning of about 4,000 employees that used to be done individually and without taking into account the service levels.

To this end the modules acquired were: SISQUAL® Time & AttendanceSISQUAL® Quality of Life, SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit, SISQUAL® Auto Scheduling, SISQUAL® Notifier e SISQUAL® SalaryCalc.

From now on, the company will be able to achieve the main objectives: improve employee data organization by centralizing their workforce management, improve processes and obtain a global view of the business. The companies’ second expectation is to improve attendance levels and communication between employees, distributed by 31 companies spread over the country.

More than 75,000 managers, spread all over the world, use SISQUAL® WFM to effectively plan their workforce, reduce costs and increase productivity. Join 28 years of experience and over 1,000 companies already using SISQUAL WFM solutions and start engaging your workforce now!