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SISQUAL WFM is a super-specialized technology company, creator of a single software product, namely Workforce Management – WFM, founded in 1992 in Porto, Portugal.

SISQUAL is today one of the main WFM solutions for retail and healthcare in the world. The company has developed software that helps managers of large institutions around the world to increase Productivity while also increasing Levels of service provided and the Quality of Life of its workers; all of this, of course, while respecting local labour laws and labour culture.

We have the best workforce and productivity management tool in the Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian and Polish markets.

Inspired by the ant, an organized and hard-working society, the brand reinforces the company’s values of ​​Integrity, loyalty and responsibility: we like to serve.

Today, SISQUAL is present in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Poland. Since then, it has increasingly conquered the health, retail and services markets, with more than 250 hospitals and names in the portfolio such as Dia, Cortefiel, Leroy Merlin, MSC, São João Hospital, Santa Maria Hospital, Sírio Libanês, FEMSA-Coca -Cola, as well as the largest retailer and employer in Spain, Mercadona, and the largest retailer and employer in Portugal, Sonae.

These most demanding customers rely on the SISQUAL WFM solution to generate and efficiently manage their work schedules at the right cost. Worldwide, more than 75 thousand leaders use SISQUAL WFM daily to increase the productivity of their employees. More than 1 million employees are already benefiting from the best scales they could have.

Forecast and Automatic Schedule Generation

Help to easily plan employees’ scheduling and shift planning.

Automatic Salary Entitlements Calculations

Provide high-detailed automatic time-related salary entitlements calculations

Management of Daily Operations

Manage the daily operations of your business.

Detailed Analytics Measurement

Learn more about your own business from detailed KPI's.



SISQUAL® is market leader in the development of team & workforce solutions


We are up and running in more than 1000 companies managing 1,000,000 employees around the world.


We develop unique solutions that are constantly being improved


Focus on customers and providing tailor-made solutions.