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SISQUAL WFM has a new leadership in Brazil

SISQUAL WFM has a new leadership in Brazil

SISQUAL WFM has been in Brazil for more than a decade and has more than 350 thousand users of the solution throughout the country. The next step is the consolidation of the brand “showing the market the competitive advantages of our tool”, assures the new SISQUAL WFM CEO in Brazil, Eduardo Dias Jorge.

SISQUAL WFM has been awarded, in the last few years, as the “Most remembered brand for Decision Making” in the health sector in Brazil, and is also recognized as one of the main companies in the world dedicated to the development of Workforce Management software solutions (WFM).
The new CEO of SISQUAL WFM, Eduardo Dias Jorge, faces this new challenge with “optimism”, taking the opportunity to strengthen the growth strategy for the local market.
“SISQUAL now has a product totally adapted to the Brazilian market. Our clients recognise SISQUAL WFM as a robust and quality product, with excellence in support service”, he adds.
Thus, the strategic goal for Brazil consists in increasing the brand awareness of SISQUAL WFM, showing the market the competitive advantages of the tool: the increase of productivity through the management of the operational workforce – improving the quality of life of its employees; defining shifts that allow reducing expenses on wages and reduction with overtime.

More productivity, at a lower cost

With more than 20 years of experience in retail management, Eduardo Dias Jorge, reveals that his main goal for the brand in Brazil, is to bring to the market a tool, such as SISQUAL WFM, that enables companies “to identify the correct number of employees that are needed (“right person, in the right place at the right time”) to perform a certain type of work”. This is possible by forecasting the customers flow, sales and transactions to maintain minimum service levels while ensuring maximum productivity at the lowest possible cost and in compliance with labour legislation.
Among the various advantages of SISQUAL WFM, its purpose is to eliminate manual and bureaucratic processes in the HR and personnel management departments, thus minimizing possible calculation errors in payrolls.

Pandemic boosts use of the tool

As a consequence of the pandemic, the software tool SISQUAL WFM will become an “almost mandatory” platform in the resumption of productivity and workforce management, says Eduardo Dias Jorge.
Although SISQUAL WFM is transversal to almost all verticals of the market, it has been in the health sector, and currently in retail, that the company has had the greatest growth in Brazil. At this moment, SISQUAL WFM is already the clear leader in the WFM market in Brazil, with more than 300 hospitals and more than 350,000 employees covered by the solution.
Besides the crisis, the pandemic has brought other opportunities in new segments of the market such as logistics and transports, and “one of the most important goals for the next 5 years consists in giving expression to this transversality of SISQUAL WFM in the Brazilian market”, says the new CEO of SISQUAL WFM in Brazil.
The company has also foreseen the opening of 5 new offices in the states of Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Goiás, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, pursuing the goal of expansion for the brazilian market.