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Consumer Day and WFM: keys to an exceptional logistics experience.

Dia do consumidor

Consumer Day and WFM: keys to an exceptional logistics experience.

Consumer Day has become one of the most important shopping events of the year, rivaling even Black Friday in certain countries.  

On this day, companies offer irresistible discounts and promotions to their customers, which generates a considerable increase in demand. Moreover, Consumer Day represents an excellent opportunity to increase sales and build customer loyalty. However, it also represents a major logistical challenge. 


Origin of Consumer Day 

Consumer Day, a significant annual sales event celebrated in numerous countries, happens when companies express their appreciation for their customers’ rights by offering exclusive discounts and promotions. 

On March 15th of 1962, the North American president, John F. Kennedy led the first discussion about four fundamental consumer rights, in a speech that is seen today as a pivotal moment in the consumer history: 


    1. The Right to Safety 
    2. The Right to Information 
    3. The Right to Choose 
    4. The Right to Be Heard 


These rights laid the foundation for consumer protection policies and regulations in the United States and have influenced similar efforts around the world. They reflect a commitment to empowering consumers, ensuring their safety and well-being, and promoting fair and transparent business practices. 

Since then, this day is celebrated to remind the consumers about their rights by offering promotions and sales opportunities, which has a great impact on Retail and Logistics. 


The logistical challenge of Consumer Day 

Consumer Day, fueled by tempting offers and the expectation of fast delivery, generates an exponential increase in product demand.  

This sudden increase in demand poses crucial logistical challenges, such as peak demand, tight deadlines, and the need for fast deliveries. A company’s ability to meet these demands efficiently affects its reputation and customer experience. 

When there is a sudden increase of demand there will always be a Human Resource challenge, and a workforce management (WFM) system can be a strategic differentiating factor for companies. 


How can a WFM improve the consumer experience? 

WFM (Workforce Management) software enables companies to optimize their workforce operations, ensuring they have the right personnel available at the exact time and place required. This efficiency translates primarily into: 


      • Enhanced Service Availability: By accurately forecasting staffing needs, the company reduces wait times and improves service availability. 
      • Consistent Service Quality: With optimized scheduling and staffing levels, WFM software helps maintain consistent service quality by ensuring that trained and qualified staff are always available to assist customers. 
      • Better Response Times: WFM software facilitates real-time adjustments to staffing levels based on demand fluctuations, enabling businesses to respond promptly to customer inquiries, issues, or requests, thus improving overall response times. 


Adapting WFM to the Consumer Day 

Implementing a workforce management (WFM) system can be a significant change for a company at any time, but proper planning can increase efficiency and improve productivity. 

To maximize the benefits of using WFM tools on busy days, such as the Consumer Day, it’s essential to adapt it to the specific needs of this event. 


      • Demand forecasting is a crucial factor. To predict the volume of orders expected to be received and allocate the necessary staff, working with historical and behaviour data using tools such as SISQUAL® Forecast. 
      • Scalability is also important. To adapt quickly to the peaks in demand that occur during Consumer Day, the company should be prepared to scale with tools such as SISQUAL® Open Shifts.  
      • Flexibility is another critical factor. Dynamic changes in staff allocation has to be made in a real time scheduling such as SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit, for a fast response.  
      • Compliance check. Fast decisions can be led to legislation errors, with SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit, the errors are highlighted in real-time, providing information with the same velocity as the need for change. 


Simplifying logistics for a seamless future  

In light of busy days, such as, the Consumer Day context and the logistics process, SISQUAL®’s WFM offers a full solution to manage human resources efficiently, improving customer service, reducing costs, and ensuring the seamless flow of goods through the supply whilst increasing employee quality of life.  

SISQUAL® WFM is a modular solution that shapes the need to every company as it acts in critical areas that allows the entire labour machine to work in harmony without any loss of profitability or productivity.  

From planning to payroll integration control, these modules guarantee a new logistics concept redefined with pioneering efficiency, reliability, and innovation 


A success story with SISQUAL®WFM 

The project ‘RH 4.0 FeD – Forecast and Automatic Sizing for Retail Teams‘, developed by SISQUAL®WFM in collaboration with the University of Aveiro, is an example of how the solution in compromised with research and innovation to provide best-in-class functionalities.  

This project has developed a forecasting model that allows companies to predict demand more accurately and automatically size their workforce. 

Implementing a WFM can be a strategic differentiator for companies that want to provide an exceptional shopping experience on Consumer Day. 

SISQUAL®WFM enables optimised workforce management, ensuring that companies have the human resources they need to cope with increased demand in an efficient manner. 

Investing in a WFM is a smart decision that can help companies increase sales, build customer loyalty and improve profitability. 

Look to the future. Optimise resources and have the correct logistics scale, at the right person at the right time. Simplify your teams’ daily operations and make your company a better workplace with SISQUAL®’s WFM. 


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