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SISQUAL®WFM presents ‘RH 4.0 FeD’ project to the public

SISQUAL®WFM presents ‘RH 4.0 FeD’ project to the public

On June 30th, SISQUAL® WFM will disclose through a public presentation, the results of the project ‘RH 4.0 FeD – Forecast and Automatic Sizing for Retail Teams‘, developed in co-promotion with the University of Aveiro.

The project, funded by the European Union and ‘Portugal 2020Compete 2020‘, aims to design new WFM technological mechanisms, through the creation of artificial intelligence algorithms, in order to forecast customer flow and determine the sizing of work teams.

This way, the project will contribute as a scientific and technological advance in relation to the existing knowledge and technologies, making a solution/product with new functionalities and superior performance levels available in the market.
The ‘RH 4.0 FeD‘ is part of the Research and Technological Development System (SIIDT), thus placing SISQUAL® WFM in the limelight when it comes to the reinforcement of research, technological development, and innovation within the academic environment.

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Learn more about the project and watch the event live here!