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The Transformation of Viscardi Supermarkets with SISQUAL® WFM

supermercado viscardi

The Transformation of Viscardi Supermarkets with SISQUAL® WFM

Viscardi Supermarkets are a part of the history of the Brazilian city of Londrina and its region. The company is known for the quality of its products and services, as well as its commitment to customer service. With the aim of always improving, the company chose SISQUAL® WFM in 2023 as its Workforce Management (WFM) software for its global operations.

From Traditional to Digital

Adolfo Viscardi, Executive Vice President of Viscardi Supermarkets, recently shared valuable insights about this strategic partnership. When discussing the transformative impact of SISQUAL® WFM on the company’s operations, he stated, “We had been noticing that the scheduling of our employees, especially in our supermarkets, was experiencing operational and management issues. With SISQUAL® WFM, everything changed.”

The implementation project of SISQUAL® WFM began and involved various departments, including operational teams and human resources.

Currently, all managers at Viscardi Supermarkets have transitioned from “manual shift schedules” to a software that centralizes everything and ensures that employees with the appropriate skills are scheduled during peak store hours.

In addition to teams noticing improvements in their work, customers benefit from better service readiness, especially during peak hours.

According to Adolfo Viscardi, Executive Vice President of Viscardi Supermarkets, “We are gradually working with all our employees to introduce them to the tool. Those who already know it don’t want anything else. The improvement is so visible that we are trying to extend it to as many employees as possible to enhance each person’s professional and personal life.”

Watch the full testimonial from Adolfo Viscardi, Executive Vice President of Viscardi Supermarkets:

SISQUAL® WFM is assisting the Viscardi Supermarkets team daily through modules such as SISQUAL® Time & Attendance, SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal, SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit  and SISQUAL® SalaryCalc.

“Our relationship with SISQUAL® WFM can be summed up in one word: optimization!”

The ease of integrating an automated system into the daily lives of various teams has made it possible to optimize shift scheduling, the primary reason for seeking a WFM, and provide a new flow of service to Viscardi Supermarkets’ customers.

Adolfo Viscardi, Executive Vice President of Viscardi Supermarkets, added, “We managed to optimize our staff roster, the daily demand in each store, and the peak hours of each store section, which represented a significant evolution in all our processes. Furthermore, it offers the versatility and efficiency we were looking for.”

“Without a doubt, the fact that the SISQUAL® WFM platform is intuitive and easy to operate has been a significant help.”

After the implementation of SISQUAL® WFM, Adolfo provides a positive assessment of its use: “The fact that it is a very intuitive and interactive platform, and that people can directly intervene, shows that even without extensive computer knowledge, it is possible to improve work and avoid using paper schedules.”

SISQUAL® WFM supports Viscardi Supermarkets on their growth journey.

Talk to one of our experts and discover the benefits that WFM can bring to your business.