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Operations Cockpit – The Workforce Engine

Operations Cockpit – The Workforce Engine

What if you could manage and plan your work teams in an automated, autonomous and efficient way? Nowadays, what we see is that many companies do not invest in the operational management of their workers, thus compromising the efficiency of their processes. Faced with the increase in the diversity of services and, respectively, of labour, it is essential to accelerate performance, following up and monitoring key indicators, so as not to compromise productivity. Therefore, the use of digital workforce measurement tools (Workforce Management), such as SISQUAL WFM, is increasingly a reality. The benefits outweigh the costs: quality of service and quality of life for both managers and employees.

The SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit, the core module of the SISQUAL WFM software, ensures that organisations have the right person in the right place at the right time, resulting in a higher quality of service and lower labour costs. Its numerous functionalities, therefore, provide managers with the “cockpit” for their operational management, making it possible to:

  • Plan the work through the aid of indicators, to obtain a more effective plan.
  • Generate different types of alerts that enable them to understand minimum, ideal and maximum service levels, avoiding shortages or wastage of workforce.
  • Efficiently respond to day-to-day occurrences, through the availability of timely information.
  • Comply with administrative requirements in a simplified way and integrate them into their usual work.
  • Obtain indicators and information for analysis in an automatic way.

In practice, SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit is a simplification tool for direct supervisors, providing on the same screen the possibility of managing all activities relating to the team and working times, including:

  • Filling shifts automatically, using cycles.
  • Immediate control of the number of potential hours planned hours and resulting balance.
  • Immediate information of the number of overtime and absence days planned.
  • Immediate information of the total number of people on duty in each shift, on each day or per hour, with alerts for the days in which the minimum or maximum quantities for a correct functioning of the service are not fulfilled.
  • Integration of the time plan with holidays and other planned absences.

By recording everything that happens during the current month, SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit also allows you to add relevant functionalities that have a direct influence on the decision-making process of operational managers. Through attendance management modules such as Time & Attendance, for example, it is possible to centralise information that guarantees:

  • Service Quality: ensuring at all times the defined minimum service quality to avoid excessive recourse to unnecessary labour;
  • Labour Compliance: ensuring compliance with the labour normative framework and the organisation’s policy through management planning;
  • Labour Flexibility: through automatic maintenance and control of the time bank and its balances;
  • Quality of Life of the Employees: meeting the needs or personal preferences of the employees, whenever compatible with the service requirements.


In short, through SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit it is possible to centralise all the organisation’s information necessary for quick and effective decision-making, allowing for better management of time and human resources. That said, it is an easily customisable resource, also allowing you to integrate modules that automatically process salaries (Salary Calc), automatically generate schedules (Auto-Scheduling) or a communication portal between employees and management for requests such as holidays and time off (Quality of Life Portal).

Provide greater efficiency in Workforce Management, reinforce service quality, reduce errors and unnecessary costs and provide a better quality of life for your team with SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit!