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Irmã Dulce Social Work and SISQUAL® WFM: 10 Years of Success!

Case Irmã Dulce

Irmã Dulce Social Work and SISQUAL® WFM: 10 Years of Success!

In 2013, OSID – Obra Social Irmã Dulce felt the need to automate its workforce management. The goal was clear: to shift the company culture, become more agile in scheduling, and professionalize all labour operations. To achieve this, they chose SISQUAL® WFM as the Workforce Management (WFM) software to assist. 10 years later, the success story continues.


Irmã Dulce Social Work also known as OSID, is a non-profit philanthropic organization founded on May 26, 1959, by the Brazilian nun Irmã Dulce. 

Over the years, OSID has become one of the largest and most important philanthropic institutions in Brazil. Currently, the organization offers a wide range of services, including: 


      • Health: Free medical and hospital care, with various specialties and exams. 
      • Education: Early childhood, primary, and vocational education. 
      • Social assistance: Shelter for the homeless, elderly, children, and families in social vulnerability. 
      • Human promotion: Financial management programs, professional qualification, and community development. 


OSID serves approximately 3 million people per year in Bahia (Brazil), conducting over 5 million outpatient procedures and 49 thousand hospitalizations. The organization also provides 1.2 million meals per year to its patients.  

The institution’s history and that of its founder, Irmã Dulce, serve as an example that making a difference in the world is possible. 


The need for change. Goal: to change and enhance hospital services! 


In 2013, Irmã Dulce Social Work (OSID) felt the need to change the labour operation in the hospital sector of the institution. Mainly, in managing the time bank of its healthcare professionals.  

The reason was simple: to optimize the work schedule and automate employee records. This was because they used Excel spreadsheets to manage time, making hour management a lengthy and imprecise process.  

Marília Barreto, Nursing Manager, emphasized this: 

“Before we implemented the hour schedules, we used Excel and manually checked the attendance records to cross-reference data. From there, we returned to Excel to calculate the entire time bank. After this process, we once again resorted to Excel to input the final hours for the team. (…) With the implementation of the SISQUAL® WFM tool, everything changed.” 


Watch the testimonial: 


The partnership with SISQUAL® WFM 


The implementation project began in July 2013 and ended in November 2013, initially involving a 3-week rollout process. 

 10 years later, they already have over 8300 user licenses; however, at the outset, the project started with 6000. Undoubtedly, evidence that the project moved in the right direction.  

During this period, different teams were able to take advantage of various modules of SISQUAL® WFM: 


      • SISQUAL® Time & Attendance: to manage team attendance data and gain greater control over absenteeism and overtime hours worked 
      • SISQUAL® Quality of Life APP: to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Through the application, teams can record attendance, request holiday bookings, swap shifts, and provide justifications for absences. 
      • SISQUAL® SalaryCalc: to automatically calculate worked hours, integrating accurate data into the payroll processing software, in a precise and more efficient manner.                                       


Before and after SISQUAL® WFM 


SISQUAL WFM took the opportunity to present the institution with a commemorative plaque marking the 10 years of this successful partnership. 

A celebration that recalled the beginning of the project, where the implementation objectives were achieved, meaning everything that was manual (scheduling, records) became digitalized in the SISQUAL® WFM software. And the shift in work culture, as managers began to conduct processes in an organized, automated manner – the SISQUAL® WFM software came to address these issues, particularly in the method of monthly team control and planning. 

Finally, this change also helped professionalize human resource management. With a more agile, focused process that now values the employee even more. 

Questioned about the final assessment of SISQUAL® WFM, Marília Barreto concludes: 

“It’s a significant time saver. And since time management is a challenge, the software becomes a true ally, a partner. In fact, all entities that use an electronic time tracking system would benefit from SISQUAL® WFM, not only in the healthcare sector. 


“Additionally, in patient safety, the software assists in monitoring healthcare professionals. With greater control over hours, these professionals will work more securely, resulting in better patient care. (…) If I could define our relationship with SISQUAL® in one word, I would say: trust. 


Do you want to know how SISQUAL® WFM can help your company? 


Following the path of Irmã Dulce Social Work (OSID) is possible. Workforce Management (WFM) is a solution that enables better workforce management, optimizes work schedules, enhances employees’ quality of life, improves patient safety, and reduces costs. 


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