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Versatility as professional growth

Versatility as professional growth

One of the most interesting things to evolve, within any department of human resources, is multipurpose skills. Obviously, the more we qualify our employees, the greater versatility, flexibility, and dynamics any company will have to achieve diverse objectives. Much is said about liquid organizations, but little about career development or the mechanisms used to develop multipurpose skills as a fundamental engine of company growth.

This point is important because it fully supports the professional growth of the people within the organization and, above all, helps to decrease staff turnover, a great current problem in most companies. An employee who changes jobs, rotates within the organization, and learns new skills is a living employee who has a good chance of being satisfied. This satisfaction results in the retention of talent and, above all in an optimal perception of the company culture inside and outside of it. The idea is key since it will prevent us from losing human capital and, on the other hand, it will attract professionals who need to develop and be happy in their professional careers.

In this concept of liquid or inclusive organizations, recruiters are not always constrained in the search for one-dimensional profiles. That is, if many technology companies are hiring philosophers or psychologists to work on the so-called social psychology, necessary for many of their algorithms, it may be interesting that we accommodate profiles that, although at first glance they do not fit the required profile if we can observe various dimensions of growth wherein the medium term they can be useful in the organization. This requires that the human resources department has an optimized multipurpose plan, where to connect all that new human capital that a priori may be different from what was initially required.

We shouldn’t dismiss multipurpose skills because they affect the organization greatly. One of them is planners. From my point of view, every company has two fundamental problems every month; that the payroll isn´t disrupted at the end of the month and that the employee can change their shifts or request leave quickly and without problems. It is a key problem in any organization. If a company has a well-developed map of competencies and versatility, it will be very easy for the schedule to be assigned, change or input shifts or vacations quickly. This is great for the company because the quality of service will never be cracked and, above all, the quality of life of our staff will improve.

In other words, we create multipurpose scheduling by connecting a good growth strategy to great WFM technology, and we believe that with it any type of organization will grow.

Written by José Ramón Villaverde

José Ramon is a WFM specialist and has extensive experience in human resources. Given his passion for culture, he was the host of the television show ‘La nueva ruta del empleo. His greatest hobby is writing, being the author of 4 books: ‘Otto, (Editorial Hades 2019)’, ‘El baile de las ortigas (Editorial Haces 2017)’ and ‘Deconstrucción de una lágrima (Editorial Hades 2014)’ and the non-fiction book ‘Películas, buenos consejos y cómo encontré trabajo.