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SISQUAL® WFM wins “Healthcare Leaders 2023” Award

SISQUAL® WFM wins “Healthcare Leaders 2023” Award

SISQUAL® WFM has won the ‘Prémio Líderes da Saúde 2023‘ (Healthcare Leaders Award 2023) for the 4th consecutive time, this year in the “Technology – Intelligent Team Management” category. Celebrated since 2013, ‘Prémio Líderes da Saúde’ celebrated its 10th edition this year, once again recognizing the performance of the leading entities in the Brazilian healthcare sector, including suppliers, distributors, and operators who have stood out in the past 12 months. The award ceremony took place on May 30th at the Renaissance Hotel in São Paulo, where José Pedro Fernandes, SISQUAL® WFM‘s Vice President took the stage to receive the award. “This is another vote of confidence in SISQUAL® WFM‘s brand, and winning in the ‘Technology – Intelligent Team Management’ category reflects all the hard work that the company has done to provide a solution that facilitates workforce management, which represents about 60% of healthcare institutions fixed costs”, he explained. He also expressed gratitude to the customers and partners who have also contributed to the recognition of the tool in the healthcare sector.

Professionalization is a key factor

Over the past year, SISQUAL® WFM has solidified its presence in the healthcare sector by investing in innovation associated with labor market trends, with the aim of empowering the workforce, automating processes, and providing management with real-time decision-making capabilities. Therefore, there has been an investment in human capital through continuous training for development, sales, services, support, and innovation teams. SISQUAL® WFM has been a pioneer in implementing new solutions, using its own technology to make tasks easier, such as biometric authentication which is now carried out through facial recognition solutions in several Brazilian hospitals.

Automation ensures patient safety

With the goal of leveraging its clients’ and managers’ field experience for decision-making in development, SISQUAL® WFM aims to digitize and automate all healthcare processes related to workforce management by 2023. This is the company’s goal to ensure interoperability between teams and, above all, patient safety in all healthcare units. Currently, SISQUAL® WFM is the clear leader in the WFM market in Brazil, with over 400 hospitals and more than 400,000 employees covered by the solution, including UnitedHealth Group, Fundação abc, Unimed, NotreDame Intermédica, hapvida, Hospital Pequeno Príncipe, among many others.