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Leroy Merlin optimizes queues with SISQUAL solutions

Leroy Merlin optimizes queues with SISQUAL solutions



Leroy Merlin, a French multinational in home improvement and gardening retailer serving sector, opened its first store in Portugal in the year 2003. Leroy Merlin currently has 11 stores spread from north to south of the country and about 2,000 employees, but these numbers are constantly increasing, as Leroy just keeps on opening new stores.


One of Leroy Merlin’s mottos is “Sustainable Development” of its business, giving special attention to the quality of service provided by its employees to the potential customers, in order to ensure a good conversion rate of visitors into effective customers. This is why it is crucial to align employee schedules with store hours, which is not an easy task, since Leroy Merlin stores in Portugal are opened 7 days a week at extended hours (10-15 hours a day). In order to optimize the management of its employees schedules, in compliance with labor law, Leroy Merlin acquired SISQUAL’s Workforce Management solutions in 2009.


Over the years, Leroy Merlin has benefited from the improvements introduced in the acquired solution, thanks to the maintenance and evolution contracts made available by SISQUAL®. Currently, its stores benefit from optimizing the planning of cashier idle in operation at each hour of the day, thus avoiding queues during busy times, resulting in a more significant improvement of the checkout experience and satisfaction of its customers.