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HFBC and SISQUAL® WFM: A Success Story


HFBC and SISQUAL® WFM: A Success Story

In 2011, Hospital Fundação Bahiana de Cardiologia (HFBC) decided to change the way it managed its workforce. The objective was clear: to optimize its work schedules and increase patient care. To do this, they chose SISQUAL® WFM as the Workforce Management (WFM) software to help. 12 years later, SISQUAL® WFM’s first customer in Latin America is a success story.


The Hospital Fundação Bahiana de Cardiologia (HFBC) is a hospital specializing in cardiovascular diseases located in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. It was created in 1990 by a group of cardiologists led by a common vision, they wanted to create a reference center for the treatment of heart disease in Bahia.


In the beginning, the hospital’s focus was on treating congenital and acquired heart disease. In the following years, the hospital expanded its range of services to include interventional cardiology, pediatric cardiology, sports cardiology, and heart transplants.


Today, HFBC is one of the leading cardiology hospitals in Latin America. There are more than 350 experienced and qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing a high-quality service to their patients.


Furthermore, the HFBC’s hallmark is an example of how the partnership between doctors and the community can lead to better healthcare for everybody.


12 years after… What has changed in terms of workforce management? 

Twelve years ago, the Hospital Fundação Bahiana de Cardiologia (HFBC) became the first SISQUAL® WFM client in Brazil.


Today, as mentioned, it is one of the country’s leading cardiology centers. To achieve this goal, it was crucial to implement an intelligent workforce management system, where all employees work towards a single goal: to serve patients quickly, and effectively with care, without ever forgetting that they are fundamental to all processes.


Viviane Wolfovitch, Nursing Manager at HFBC, points out:

“When you have a tool that makes it easier to understand the number of people, the degree of complexity of the patient and helps with this management, it makes it easier, less stressful for the professional and they feel part of the process.”

The partnership with SISQUAL® WFM  

The implementation project began in January 2011 and ended in May 2011. It was implemented in all the HFBC’s service units.


During this period, the different teams were able to take advantage of various SISQUAL® WFM modules:

  • SISQUAL® Time & Attendance: With this module, health service managers can manage their teams’ attendance data and gain greater control over absenteeism and overtime.
  • SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal + APP: An essential module for maintaining a work-life balance. Through the application, teams can record attendance, request vacation appointments, change schedules and justify absences.
  • SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit: The right professional, in the right unit, on the right scale. Through the module, it is possible to control the management of employees’ daily tasks; act in real-time to optimize processes; and increase patient safety.


Before and after SISQUAL® WFM 

For Viviane Wolfovitch, Nursing Manager, there is a clear “before and after” the implementation of SISQUAL® WFM. She states that:

“When I took over management of the hospital, I received several employee time sheets on my desk. For a few days, I didn’t schedule anything. I was dedicated to closing payrolls. Our reality changed as soon as the employee’s time sheet, the calculation of transport vouchers, and the management of scales, became something more relaxed and adapted to the specific needs we had.”


She also adds important points about the reduction in costs, such as the minimization of labor processes and, over the years the paper disposal, switching to using only the tool.


Viviane Wolfovitch also talks about SISQUAL® WFM’s innovation DNA, which has helped to create an advantage for HFBC:

“SISQUAL® WFM is a tool that keeps up with what’s new on the market and that has made us a differentiated hospital: a successful partnership.”


Want to know how SISQUAL® WFM can help your company? 

Following the path of the Bahiana Foundation Hospital of Cardiology (HFBC) is possible. These 12 years together have shown that it is possible to keep up with trends and stand out in the sector.


Workforce Management (WFM) is a solution that allows you to better manage your workforce, optimize work schedules, increase employees’ quality of life, increase productivity during working hours, and reduce costs.


Book a demo and discover the benefits of WFM today.