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Fusion Fuel simplifies operations with SISQUAL® WFM

Fusion Fuel logo on background

Fusion Fuel simplifies operations with SISQUAL® WFM

“With SISQUAL® WFM we have a real-time view of teams anywhere in the world”

Fusion Fuel is a Portuguese energy technology firm, pioneer in crafting solutions for green hydrogen production whilst boasting zero carbon emissions and cost-effective methodologies. The company has chosen SISQUAL WFM in 2022, for adopting the Workforce Management (WFM) system on its global operations.

Bárbara Patrão, the HR Manager at Fusion Fuel, has recently shared invaluable insights into this strategic alliance. Speaking about the transformative impact of SISQUAL® WFM on the company’s operations, according to her: “it was imperative to empower management teams with a tool that would allow them to quickly analyze the team’s attendance status or holiday management and that at the same time would allow them to make decisions quickly”.

Automation and process standardisation

SISQUAL® WFM‘s implementation project began in March 2022 and involved several departments, including operational and human resources teams (which include the administrative and payroll sectors). According to the company’s HR manager, “In addition to facilitating management’s daily work regarding its teams and streamlining all procedures related to people management, the software greatly simplifies HR and operational teams’ administrative tasks”, she emphasizes.

Watch the full testimony from Bárbara Patrão, HR Manager at Fusion Fuel:

SISQUAL® WFM’s platform now serves 160 employees in their daily operations, who are now using modules such as SISQUAL® Time & Attendance, SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal + APP, SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit and SISQUAL® SalaryCalc.

The “ease” of integrating an automatic system into the daily lives of the various teams, both managers and employees, has made it possible to leverage results, especially regarding process standardization.

Fewer errors, closer contact with managers

“One of SISQUAL® WFM’s main benefits for Fusion Fuel was the reduction of errors in salary processing and attendance management”, says Bárbara Patrão. Prior to the software’s implementation, teams managed their schedule independently using spreadsheets. The new tool, however, enables real-time, automated centralisation of all information onto a single platform,” she elaborates.

This streamlined automation has led to increased satisfaction among employees and management teams, as they now deal with fewer administrative tasks. Additionally, the company’s staff, who have adopted the SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal, appreciate the ease of direct interaction with their managers, anytime, anywhere. With the app, they can conveniently book holidays, justify absences, and make other requests with just a simple click, fostering better communication between management, employees, and HR.

Another tangible benefit of using the tool is that it has enabled managers to obtain “a more general and global view of operations, especially for operational teams that have very large and geographically dispersed”, reports the company’s HR Manager.

SISQUAL® WFM boosts team interaction

About a year and a half after SISQUAL® WFM‘s implementation at Fusion Fuel, the company’s HR manager makes a positive assessment of its use: “The fact that it is a very intuitive and interactive platform and that people can have a direct intervention in all the steps that later lead to salary processing, has been very beneficial for strengthening interpersonal relationships within the teams, as they now feel part of the process”, she concludes.

Scaling Sustainably with WFM

Established in Portugal in 2018 and now making its mark on the US Wall Street exchange, Fusion Fuel Group remains unwavering in its ambition to drive the energy transition forward. By aiming to make zero-emission green hydrogen commercially viable, they’re championing a global decarbonisation of the energy system. Their revolutionary approach is not only about cutting costs but also reshaping energy production. While this change is taking root in Portugal, it’s also sprouting in Spain, Italy, Morocco, and the USA.

SISQUAL® WFM stands by Fusion Fuel, supporting them in their growth journey.

Talk to one of our experts and discover the benefits WFM can bring to your business.