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About NRF 2020: the year can now begin

About NRF 2020: the year can now begin

The largest retail event and also one of the oldest in the sector is organized and held since 1911 by the National Retail Federation (NRF), the largest retail association in the world, representing hundreds of American and international institutions.

The NRF 2020 approached e-commerce, which goes beyond the concept of omnichannel and includes strategies related to payment methods, data integration and custom relationship with the customer.

With more than 100 years of history, it can be said that the NRF is the stage of the great transformations of the flap. Since its first edition, trends and technologies have been presented and discussed in-depth, following the ups and downs of the sector over the decades.

The meeting began on January 11th until the 14th, it brought together the top executives of the online and offline retail market in the world. This year, the event had more than 400 speakers for three days, more than 800 exhibitors and had the participation of about 38,000 participants, with approximately 1,900 Brazilian retail executives.

SISQUAL was at booth #665, we were highlighted by the column wrap of level 1, which brought to us big retailers from all over the world, contributing to challenging conversations about the many geographies that we are actively working on.

The Big Show 2020 had as one of the main keynotes Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Nadella focused on the applications of technologies for retail, highlighting the customization of platforms, which use the same data management infrastructure. Cases such as Starbucks, Target and Ikea have been cited to illustrate this customization.

In fact, in several topics of other sections, the importance of data processing has been highlighted: aspects of security, privacy, breadth, integration with other platforms and especially the tendency of using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The integration of these data was presented as a key factor for the success of personalizing the relationship of store owners with their consumers.

Similarly, another keynote of the event, Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks, stressed the importance of the Internally Developed Deep Brew platform that uses AI to support, from inventory control of stores to customer relationship.

We are proud to say that our stand became a meeting point, as the only Latin company distinguished internationally, just for being proud of our origins and for our product that is an asset for managers and leaders of the future, therefore we have already confirmed the presence next year, this time in Level 3, on booth #6137.

We thank once again for the presence of our customers and partner and hope to see each other again in 2021!