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Via Porto acquires the software SISQUAL® WFM to improve service levels and working hours.

Via Porto acquires the software SISQUAL® WFM to improve service levels and working hours.




The company responsible for operating Porto’s subway system since 2010, found in the software SISQUAL® WFM a solution to share the demanded work without prejudice to the quality of life of its employees and that, at the same time, allows all services to be fulfilled at all times and every day of the year.



With just over 100 years of existence, the Barraqueiro group is a fundamental part of the history of transportation in Portugal. With a portfolio that runs through shipping, road, subway, and rail, over the last 3 years, the company had two great achievements: the entry in airways transportation with the acquisition of TAP, through the consortium with David Neeleman in 2015, and in 2017, which won once again the public tender for the concession for operating and maintaining the subway system of the second most populous region of Portugal, the metropolitan region of Porto, for another seven years.



The search for a workforce management system came from the need for a more complex system to manage their shifts and schedules.



The Via Porto company has struggled to manage absenteeism, which in the current context, has had a considerable increase and had a great impact on the quality of its services. As a consequence, with the increasing number of absences, controlling and substituting gets even harder: a conductor, for example, may have a restriction on the type of work and the number of work hours allowed and/or availability to guarantee the replacement and ensure the public service.



The concern with the employees’ quality of life was a key point for hiring SISQUAL® workforce management tool. Now, with the software, the employee will be able to ask for leaves or swapping and/or book vacation throughout a self-service portal that allows a centralized way of approval. The team leaders can approve in real-time, anytime and anywhere, with the assurance that their decision does not disrespect any labor legislation, employees’ rights, and the demanded public service.



The modules acquired by Via Porto to ensure their service level were: SISQUAL®Operations Cockpit, SISQUAL®Quality of Life, SISQUAL® Time & Attendance and SISQUAL® Salary Calc, with all the information about the attendance of the employees integrated to Hastus, the current system that does the travel planning and control the services for Porto subway system and the ability to export reports with the respective information needed for salary entitlements.



More than 7,000 team leaders, across the world, reduce labor costs and increase team members’ productivity with SISQUAL® WFM and more than 700,000 team members benefit from working with the best schedule they can have.



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