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The new HR department, leading the change!

The new HR department, leading the change!

In these last days in Spain news is being spread about some economic slowdown. Specifically, a very significant piece of news came yesterday that economies were on the rise and consumption had been diminish without doing a thorough analysis. It is logical to think that when consumers sense fear, they stop buying and there is a slowdown, they need to be confident in the economy to consume again!

The news is indeed very diffuse, as are the conservative world markets. The economic protectionism of many large economies causes large investments to slow down and the lack of clarity about the impact of Brexit increases fear. All this results in employment.

However, one of the things that is growing is the human resources department. The move from the job management department to the people department was crucial and was no longer considered indirect department. That is, human resources are now seen as a production department and why?

From our point of view and among other main reasons:

• Absenteeism and employee turnover have proven to be the worst enemies of companies.

• Talent retention is vital for organizations.

• The strategy created by the human resources department according to needs is crucial at this time of paradigm shifts.

Therefore, creating internal policies that work at these points is vital but essential for the survival of business niches.

These are not times when companies are hiring with satisfaction, but they are times when people’s optimization, effectiveness, and performance efficiency are paramount. Today, technology tools and solutions accompany most human resources departments in all companies and optimizing them is necessary to achieve business objectives.

Having and developing indicators on which, by knowing their history, we can have predictions of the people we will be able to hire, is vital to simply leading the company’s strategy.

Methods that tell us which person, what professional profile, and where they should be located at any given time of the business day according to their current peak productivity or sales make, of course, the current human resources department is critical in any decision making. when defining the business project of any company.

Therefore, if it is a traditional passive element in any company’s past production system, the HR department is critical and decisive, because and among other reasons:

• Scale the required workforce

• Attach professional profiles with the necessary and appropriate skills to offer the best service to internal and external clients.

• Mitigate labor costs, as the meaning of any leave, overtime or general incident that is detrimental to the business will always be known.

Thus, the technological transformation came to the human resources department that led the change. Having workforce management tools is often one of the best solutions for growing and in tough times like this, to tackle the clouds of crisis, making it a growth opportunity.

What do you think about this post? Do you give us your opinion?

Written by José Ramón Villaverde

José Ramon is a WFM specialist and has extensive experience in human resources. Given his passion for culture, he was the host of the television show “La nueva ruta del empleo“. His greatest hobby is writing, being the author of 4 books: “Otto, (Editorial Hades 2019)”, “El baile de las ortigas (Editorial Haces 2017)” and “Deconstrucción de una lágrima (Editorial Hades 2014)” and the non-fiction book “Películas, buenos consejos y cómo encontré trabajo“.