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SISQUAL® WFM recently announced its participation in one of the most recognized healthcare events in Brazil, Hospitalar 2023, which will take place between May 23rd and 26th at the São Paulo Expo, in Brazil. The event, which this year marks its 30th edition, brings together leading healthcare professionals and technology companies from all around the world to discuss and present the latest advances in healthcare.

This is the 10th time SISQUAL® WFM attends Hospitalar, and this year again we will showcase different workforce management solutions designed specifically for healthcare organizations. SISQUAL® WFM’s modules are designed and totally customized to help healthcare organizations streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve patient care.

Cutting-edge software tool ensures patient safety

The solution itself is based on advanced algorithms that take into account a wide range of factors, such as staffing levels, patient demand, and employee schedules, to create optimal schedules and ensure that the right staff is available at the right time.

SISQUAL® WFM leads the Brazilian Health sector

SISQUAL® WFM’s participation at Hospitalar 2023 is not only a platform for the company to present its expertise and establish relationships with healthcare professionals and organizations from around the world, but also an opportunity to network with other experts in the field, gain insight into the latest trends and advances in healthcare and identify new opportunities for growth and innovation.

SISQUAL® WFM is the main workforce management provider for the healthcare sector in Brazil. At the moment, the software benefits more than 300 hospitals and approximately 350,000 employees in their daily tasks.

Check out the event’s best moments below: