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MSC and Medway: The path to productivity

MSC and Medway: The path to productivity

With the goal of being Iberia’s largest logistics operator, MSC has been investing in new technologies to help in the administration of the new business and one of them was Workforce Management solution with SISQUAL® WFM.

The Mediterranean Shipping Company SA “MSC”, is a world leader in container transportation. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, it has 480 offices spread over 155 countries. In January 2016, its subsidiary MSC Rail bought Medway for 53 million euros, the second largest railway operator in the Iberian Peninsula.

MSC and SISQUAL® already has a long-standing business partnership. It was in 2012, that the multinational started using the access control tool SISQUAL® Time & Attendance, automatically integrated through SISQUAL® SalaryCalc with the payroll payment software META4.

In 2015, the Swiss company, decided to expand its functionalities with SISQUAL® Quality of Life, providing a self-service portal for the employees’ book holidays, swap shifts, control attendance and justify their absences, with the sole purpose of increasing their communication with the managers.

When it came 2018, 2 years after the acquisition of Medway, they realized that the employees’ profile has changed: the shifts became mixed, specific rules emerged with collective conventions and controlling the operation became a challenge. A further extended functionality tool was needed to respond to new legal requirements and the solution was to acquire a full Workforce Management software that supported not only the access control but assisted in the planning of the roster in accordance with labour laws and the volume of the workload.

SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit e o SISQUAL® Tasks were a natural answer to the changes the company was facing. With the challenge of managing dynamic shifts, the growth of the teams and the emerge of new workload, planning with a task distribution tool is a path not only logical but needed.

From 2019, Medway/MSC employees’ will be able to enter the self-service portal and see their roster plus the general view of all of their attributed tasks, listed for each working day.

A Workforce Management solution in the area of logistics is an efficient way to respond to its dynamism, having these tools not only increases the productivity of the employees, it enables the team members to have their time previously planned to facilitate the work of team manager, whom may now make sure that the entire service has been distributed to the right person, in the right place and at the right time, without overwhelming any team member.

SISQUAL® WFM is a modular software, a set of solutions, which is made based on a study prepared by a team of specialized Workforce Management consultants, which may draw and define a new work process, friendlier and more effective, to generate a more productive environment: this is the goal!

More than 7,000 team leaders, across the world, reduce labour costs and increase team members productivity with SISQUAL®WFM and more than 700,000 team members benefit from working with the best schedule they can have.