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Mário Covas Hospital and Unimed Fortaleza told us about their experience with SISQUAL WFM

Mário Covas Hospital and Unimed Fortaleza told us about their experience with SISQUAL WFM

In an interview conducted by the Grupo Mídia, representatives from Hospital Mário Covas and Unimed Fortaleza, two major SISQUAL clients in Brazil, spoke about the gains and results obtained with the usage of the WFM SISQUAL system in their organizations.

Mário Covas Hospital started the SISQUAL software implementation project in 2020, finding in it the ideal solution for a greater effectiveness and an optimum productive efficiency.

When asked about the goal of the SISQUAL project, Elcio Lima Garcia, IT Manager at Hospital Mário Covas and António de Giovanni Neto, Administrative Director at the same institution, said:

``(...) we had the need to control the schedules due to the great number of professionals. We went to the market to find a solution that contemplated this part of clocking in and out management, the part of access control, of cafeteria use, to fight the odd marking. After exhaustively searching the market, we saw in SISQUAL a complete solution that met all our needs``.

Regarding the results obtained with the SISQUAL system, the two managers mentioned:

``An institution with more than 2 thousand health professionals to be able to manage these hours before SISQUAL we had a huge work here, a lot of paper was articulated (...)``.

Unimed Fortaleza, which saw the SISQUAL system implemented in 2019, has been counting on the software in the management of the medical cooperative formed by over 350 independent units spread throughout Brazil.

Elias Leite, President of Unimed Fortaleza, when talking about the improvements that the SISQUAL system has brought to the institution, reiterates

``it has given us greater capacity to manage our scales, in fact when you go to see, it has made it easier for us to guarantee the right people in the right places (...) Not to mention the part of the bureaucracy, such as the accompaniment of the medical certificates, of the absences, of the employees' requests. When you have a more objective, more succinct report, you make decisions faster, more assertively...``

Check out the complete interviews in the video below and see with these testimonials firsthand why leaders of many of the largest companies in the world trust SISQUAL®.

Video: courtesy of Grupo Mídia