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Douglas Perfumes joins SISQUAL

Douglas Perfumes joins SISQUAL

Once again, SISQUAL® was invited by its partner Primavera BSS to participate in TecIntex, which was held at the Museum of Archaeology, on November 20th. In the preparation of version 9.0 Primavera also invited a selected core of partners to form a working group to interact with the upcoming version of their solution. In this event SISQUAL® showed how its Workforce Management solutions interact with Primavera’s new version to exponentially increase the operability of the companies.

Douglas perfumeries implements SISQUAL® solutions to increase sales and reduce operating costs.

German-based Douglas perfumery and cosmetic stores chain implemented SISQUAL® solutions to better customers influx and with employees in the store with the goal of increasing sales, provide a better customer service, and reduce operating costs including labor costs by having in their stores employees only when they are needed. This is achieved with our solutions SISQUAL® Forecasting and SISQUAL® Schedule Generator. Alongside an increase in sales, Douglas increased operational control using SISQUAL® Time&Access e SISQUALOperations Cockpit tools.

Douglas is the largest retail chain in Europe and the most prestigious in cosmetics and fragrances industry. Their brand means quality, customer service, always presenting the latest products in beauty and advice. Douglas has more than 1000 stores across Europe, of which 18 stores are in Portugal, offering an extraordinary selection of products and unparalleled customer service.