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Discover how AQUALAB became More Efficient with SISQUAL® WFM


Discover how AQUALAB became More Efficient with SISQUAL® WFM

The AQUALAB group has decided to advance in its workforce management, seeking greater productivity and operational control. In this regard, it chose SISQUAL® WFM in 2023 as its Workforce Management (WFM) software, with the aim of enhancing and optimizing its daily processes.

Founded in 1992, the AQUALAB group is a clinical and public health laboratory based in the Algarve region, Portugal. The company offers a wide range of services, including clinical, environmental, and food analysis.

It boasts a team of experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to providing high-quality service to its clients, offering a wide range of services to meet their needs. Additionally, the group is involved in various research projects and committed to developing new and innovative analytical methods.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, in accordance with all legal requirements and recognized by the scientific community, it provides its clients with high standards of laboratory practice.

Recognized as a leader in its sector, it is well-positioned to continue growing and achieving ongoing success.

The need for change. Goal: optimization!

Currently, AQUALAB is a rapidly developing company, and what began as a laboratory in Albufeira is now a laboratory group that includes three different structures: AQUALAB – Clinical and Public Health Laboratory in Albufeira, AQUALAB Portimão in Portimão, and MODUSLAB Laboratory in Faro.

With the aim of optimizing its daily operation, the service schedules of all employees, and customer service, the AQUALAB group sought a solution to contribute to achieving these objectives.

Irina Teixeira, Human Resources Director of AQUALAB, highlighted:

“There was a need to implement a time and attendance system to achieve greater organization and planning of teams. Work was managed in a very bureaucratic way with many forms for everything, where a lot of information was lost. For this, we needed a comprehensive solution. And we found it. The answer was SISQUAL Workforce Management (WFM).”

The partnership with SISQUAL® WFM

The implementation project began in March 2023 and ended in October 2023. It was implemented in the units of Albufeira, Portimão, and Faro. During this period, different teams could benefit from various modules of SISQUAL® WFM:

  • SISQUAL® Time & Attendance: With this module, AQUALAB team leaders in different units can manage team attendance data and have greater control over absenteeism and overtime.
  • SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal + APP: A fundamental module for maintaining a balance between professional and personal life. Through the application, teams can record attendance, request vacation bookings, exchange schedules, and justify absences.
  • SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit: The right professional, in the right unit, at the right scale. Through the module, team leaders can control the daily tasks of employees; act in real-time to optimize processes; and increase productivity, helping to enhance collaboration.

Before and after SISQUAL® WFM

For Irina Teixeira, Human Resources Director of AQUALAB, there is a before and after the implementation of SISQUAL® WFM. The HR manager states that:

“Work was managed in a very bureaucratic way with many forms for everything, where a lot of information was lost. Now, management is done exclusively by SISQUAL® WFM. This management brought greater autonomy to management, less administrative work for the HR Department, paper reduction, and greater control over some work situations.”

She adds:

“We feel improvement in all departments, but those that clearly benefited from SISQUAL® WFM were Human Resources and the clinics department. It allowed us greater control over schedules and a reduction in all bureaucratic work, previously carried out less optimally.”

As for the results, there is a clear difference. The AQUALAB group employee emphasizes that they now have greater control over legal standards, better team organization, resulting in greater work efficiency, and attention to unit patients.

Finally, when asked about what the management and employees thought of the implementation of SISQUAL® WFM, Irina Teixeira is unequivocal:

“Our management, in general, has very positive feedback with the implementation of SISQUAL® WFM. Since it allowed aligning all bureaucratic work and further streamlining the system of employee entries and exits.”

Do you want to know how SISQUAL® WFM can help your company?

Following the AQUALAB path is possible. SISQUAL’s Workforce Management (WFM) is a solution that allows better workforce management, optimizes work schedules, improves employees’ quality of life, increases productivity during working hours, and reduces costs.

Schedule your presentation and discover the WFM benefits today.