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3 essential tools for an effective WFM

For some time now, we have included in our vocabulary the term workforce management (WFM). It is related to achieving the effectiveness and efficiency of our employees with the goal...

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What is Nursing Acuity?

There is currently a strong awareness of quality. The word quality comes from the Latin qualitate and is used in various daily situations, like the quality of a product we...

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Crisis, but what crisis?

One of the most interesting or fun things, from my point of view, is to see bands’ album covers on display in a record shop....

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7 tips for effective team management

Taking on a leadership and team management role is a very challenging task. A leader, besides the soft and hard skills necessary for an effective people management, should also have...

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What is ROI, anyway?

You've probably read the word ROI somewhere. But do you really know what it is? ROI stands for Return on Investment. It represents an indispensable metric for any business, project, new...

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The five benefits of WFM

First of all, what does this term mean? WFM stands for WorkForce Management, which in Portuguese means Labor Force Management. It is an essential tool to control the dynamics of...

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