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SISQUAL® WFM wins Health IT Award 2022

SISQUAL® WFM wins Health IT Award 2022

SISQUAL® WFM has won for the third consecutive year the Health IT Award that highlights the leading brands and technology companies for their leadership in the health sector in Brazil.

Operating in Brazil for more than a decade, SISQUAL® WFM is a clear leader in the WFM market in the country benefiting more than 400,000 employees with its solution.

Therefore, “to be one of the most remembered brands for people management solutions is the recognition of more than 12 years of work”, says José Pedro Fernandes, the company’s Vice-president.

Innovation and Development

Having served key players in the health sector in Brazil, SISQUAL® WFM has been investing in innovation and development projects, in order to enhance the management of its Workforce Management tool.
The optimization of mobile solutions such as the App (Quality of Life Portal), and the improvement of modules like Open Shifts (formerly known as Shift bidding) took place in order to enhance the productivity of companies and improve employees’ quality of life.

Strategy through commercial partnerships

The company’s next goal is to reinforce investment in the commercial sector, investing in strategic partnerships and participating in market-leading startups to increase customers’ internal network and boost business growth.
The 7th edition of the Health-IT Award was held on 07 November, in São Paulo, and highlighted the main work, innovations and performances of renowned brands in the health sector during the last 12 months.