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SISQUAL® WFM will be present at the 10th Forum Mineiro

SISQUAL® WFM will be present at the 10th Forum Mineiro

SISQUAL® WFM will be present at the Minas Gerais Association of Supermarkets (AMIS) Forum. In this case, it will be the 10th edition of this event. It will take place on December 5, 2023, at the AMIS headquarters.

This edition will have the theme “Plural Reality: Singularities and Cooperativism” and will address issues related to people within the context of the supermarket sector.

The forum will feature lectures by experts from various fields, targeting human resources professionals, leaders, and supermarket owners.

SISQUAL® WFM will be responsible for the lecture on “Technologies for Retail Productivity Enhancement” and will present technological solutions for greater operational efficiency.

Throughout the event, topics such as:

  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Training and development;
  • Talent retention;
  • Layoffs;
  • Inclusion;
  • Positions and salaries;
  • Hybrid work, in-person and telecommuting;
  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Among others.

The participation of SISQUAL® WFM is an opportunity to showcase the Workforce Management solutions it offers to the participants of this event, which can help boost workforce management. Additionally, it serves as an avenue for those seeking a tool to increase productivity and enhance the quality of life for their employees.

For more information, please visit the AMIS website.