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SISQUAL® WFM sponsors ‘Troféu Gente Nossa’

SISQUAL® WFM sponsors ‘Troféu Gente Nossa’

SISQUAL® WFM was ‘Troféu Gente Nossa’s official sponsor, an annual event promoted by Associação Mineira de Supermercados (AMIS) that rewards the main suppliers of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais retail and industry sector.

Created in 1986, Gente Nossa Trophy is a leading event in the state of Minas Gerais that awards the companies and professionals in the sector that stood out the most during the last year. The candidate’s nomination in the ‘Supplier’ category is made to supplier companies associated with AMIS, further enhancing the winner’s prestige in the local market.

The revelation of Troféu Gente Nossa 2023 winning companies took place on June 22nd, at Renaissance Work Center in Belo Horizonte and reunited the maisn companies and leaders of the Minas Gerais retail sector.

For the last couple of years, SISQUAL® WFM has been working directly with AMIS, in order to foster growth and innovation in this sector, which represents approximately 7.8% of Minas Gerais’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The SISQUAL® WFM® WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT solution is present in several companies in the Brazilian specialized retail sector, enabling innovation in roster management processes, and demonstrating how to maintain balance between staff availability and fluctuations in customer flow.

Check out the event’s highlights in the gallery: