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SISQUAL® WFM participates in debate on labour legislation

SISQUAL® WFM participates in debate on labour legislation

SISQUAL® WFM participated today in the 1st Business Breakfast organized in partnership with Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcão (CNMF), under the theme ‘Modern Challenges of Human Resources Management’.
The meeting, which took place at the headquarters of Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcão, in Porto, was attended by Frederico Magalhães, SISQUAL WFM’s President and Co-Founder, José Pedro Fernandes, Vice-President and Carla Gomes, the company’s Head of Strategic Sales. Nuno Cerejeira Namora, founding partner of Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcão and Cecília Meireles, the law firm’s Head of Corporate also attended the event, for a joint analysis of the main changes in the labour market.

Under discussion were different topics related to the work agenda, such as the main changes to the legislation implemented with the new revision of the Labour Law and, on the other hand, the new market trends related to the implementation of technological tools in the labour context.

Factors such as temporary contracting, and the new legislation for this type of companies, were also under analysis, as the new legislation in article nº173 of the Labour Code, has made contracting by these companies more difficult, passing the obligation to supervise the licenses of temporary work companies to the employer, forcing it, for example, to increase the number of permanent workers.

Technology helps labour processes

With the constant changes in the labour market, introduced partly during the post-pandemic period, it becomes crucial for companies to update themselves on the new market trends, presenting solutions that cope with possible setbacks.

“SISQUAL® WFM has the advantage of adjusting to the different realities of the market, because it knows the labour reality of companies, providing workforce management models that also work as a competitive asset”, concluded the President of the company.

See the event’s gallery below: