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SISQUAL® WFM announces a new customer: Brazilian supermarket chain Super Maxi


SISQUAL® WFM announces a new customer: Brazilian supermarket chain Super Maxi

SISQUAL® WFM is delighted to announce that Super Maxi, a well-known supermarket chain in Uberlândia, MG, Brazil, has become a new costumer. From now on, Super Maxi will be part of the partner network, relying on the different WFM solutions to optimize its daily operations and workforce management. 

The history of Rede Super Maxi is connected to a visionary family who, with a passion for commerce and a commitment to quality, transformed a small butcher’s shop into one of the largest supermarket groups in the interior of Minas Gerais.  

The Super Maxi chain currently has 25 stores in operation, divided between Uberlândia (19), Uberaba (5), and Monte Alegre de Minas (1), generating more than 2,000 direct and indirect jobs.  

Recognized for its products’ quality, service excellence, and commitment to the community, the company is constantly growing and improving, seeking to offer its customers the best shopping experience.  

To continue this progress and improvement, Super Maxi was looking for solutions that would allow them to make the most of demand forecasting and real-time information for managing their workforce. 


The partnership with SISQUAL® WFM    


With a total of 2100 licenses, Super Maxi will implement several of the SISQUAL® WFM modules, including:  


  • SISQUAL® Dashboard: An efficient module to calculate and display key performance indicators (KPIs). Transforms WFM data into clear charts, providing visibility to essential indicators. 
  • SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal + APP:  Redefines team management, offering a digital solution that eliminates paper usage, simplifies vacation planning, and strengthens communication between leaders and employees.    
  • SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit: Optimizes schedules, gains operational efficiency, and innovatively decentralize HR processes. 
  • SISQUAL® Time & Attendance:  A comprehensive solution for attendance, schedules, and vacations. With intuitive and flexible features, it simplifies daily administration, allowing total control in a single platform.       
  • SISQUAL® Forecast: With intelligent algorithms and predictive data analysis, planning employee schedules for efficient shifts becomes intuitive, providing accurate and sustainable budget distribution. 
  • SISQUAL® Team Dimensioning: Ensures the right team size, automatically and efficiently. This module offers an intelligent solution that adjusts the team to predicted demands automatically, using predictive data, ensuring operational efficiency and quality. 
  • SISQUAL® Tasks: Provides an effective management in defining and monitoring the team’s daily activities. In addition to creating schedules, it establishes precise task sequences for each collaborator, ensuring an equitable distribution of workload. 
  • SISQUAL® Auto Scheduling: A groundbreaking solution that harnesses the precision of Machine Learning algorithms combined with the flexibility of customisable parameters, offering an unparalleled experience in automated scheduling creation. 
  • SISQUAL® SalaryCalc: An integration tool responsible for accurately calculating employees’ working hours. Automate processes, ensure payment accuracy, and optimize human resources management. 

This comprehensive implementation will ensure that Super Maxi optimizes time management, workforce planning, and the employee payment process, among other critical aspects of your operation. 


Want to know how SISQUAL® WFM can help your company?   


Workforce Management (WFM) is a solution that allows you to manage your workforce better, optimize work schedules, improve employees’ quality of life, increase productivity during working hours, and reduce costs.     


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