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SISQUAL® WFM achieves PME Leader recognition in 2023

PME Líder 23

SISQUAL® WFM achieves PME Leader recognition in 2023

The IAPMEI (IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, I.P.) recently awarded PME Leader status for 2023 to SISQUAL® WFM, based on its performance and risk profile.

This renewal is not only an accomplishment for the company but also a testament to its ongoing commitment to business excellence with clients and partners who have placed their trust in its products and services.

Moreover, it serves as a boost to continue advancing towards more and better achievements, establishing expertise and authority in the industry.

What is the PME Leader distinction?

The PME Leader status was introduced by IAPMEI in 2008 under the FINCRESCE Program, aiming to recognize companies with superior performance profiles, giving them visibility and creating optimized financing conditions to develop their growth strategies and reinforce their competitive base.

A glimpse into the future

Every day of the company’s activities will be dedicated to innovating, surpassing the expectations of those collaborating with SISQUAL® WFM.

It is and will always be an additional incentive to strengthen the seriousness and commitment to current and potential clients.