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SISQUAL participates in the Brazilian 7th edition of ConSINDHOSFIL.

7º Congresso Estadual da SINDHOSFIL

SISQUAL participates in the Brazilian 7th edition of ConSINDHOSFIL.

The SISQUAL® WFM, a partner to more than 350 hospitals in Brazil, focusing on workforce management solutions, will participate in the 7th State Congress of SINDHOSFIL, which will take place from October 16 to 18, 2023, in Brazil – São Paulo, at the Hotel Majestic – Águas de Lindóia.

The event theme is “People Management in New Times: Digital and Behavioral Transformations” and will host debates for reflection, aiming to provide solutions to the Managers of the Santa Casas, especially in the performance and development of Human Resources team administration.

Santas Casas are often centennial institutions whose original activities were philanthropic and charitable, and which began to play the role of service providers paid by the government

SISQUAL® WFM has been invited by SINDHOSFIL/SP to discuss personnel management and will provide information to minimize the impact of the new regulations of Portaria GM/MS No. 597, dated May 12, 2023.

The regulation establishes criteria related to the transfer of funds for compliance with the national salary floors of nurses, technicians, nursing assistants, and midwives in the year 2023.

It will directly impact hospitals and healthcare institutions, ensuring additional resources for meeting these minimum wage requirements and seeking to value professionals in the field.

In this context, the presence of SISQUAL® WFM at the 7th edition of ConSINDHOSFIL is to present solutions to event participants regarding best practices in personnel management, ensuring compliance with  the new regulation (Portaria GM/MS No. 597/2023). Additionally, to exchange experiences with the healthcare sector, among other topics relevant to the Santa Casas.

SINDHOSFIL/SP was established on January 30, 1989, in a scenario of trade union autonomy among Brazilian entities. The Union of Santa Casas and Philanthropic Hospitals of the State of São Paulo – SINDHOSFIL/SP represents the legal and labor independence of Santa Casas and philanthropic hospitals in the country.

The Union has the largest territorial base, covering 435 municipalities in the state. Over its three decades, SINDHOSFIL/SP has contributed to the advocacy of philanthropic institutions and has organized congresses focused on HR professionals, specialization courses, lectures, seminars, and meetings with government entities to gain greater recognition for the sector.