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People Connect – Workforce Management in Action: an event that has become unique

People Connect SISQUAL & LOBTEC

People Connect – Workforce Management in Action: an event that has become unique

On March 21, the “Workforce Management in Action” event took place, organized by SISQUAL® WFM, in collaboration with its strategic partner, Lobtec, an expert in microcomputer system solutions in Brazil.

This exclusive meeting brought together prominent leaders and professionals from the operations and human resources sectors to explore the latest trends and innovative solutions in the field of workforce management in the retail sector.

Attended by approximately 40 participants, including representatives from leading companies in the logistics and retail sector in Brazil, the event was an invaluable opportunity to establish meaningful connections and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

Four major topics were covered:

  • How smart scales can improve professional efficiency and employee satisfaction?
  • Reducing costs and maximizing productivity through process efficiency;
  • Communication between managers and employees, promoting a more collaborative and productive working environment;
  • Legal Compliance and Employee Protection: Efficient People Management Strategies for Compliance with Labor Laws;

Participants had the opportunity to explore first-hand the innovative solutions offered by SISQUAL® WFM and Lobtec, specifically designed to meet these unique workforce management challenges.

The event featured several speakers, including José Pedro Fernandes, Vice President of SISQUAL® WFM, and Endrigo Duarte, Commercial Director, who shared key insights into the importance of workforce management in dynamic and evolving business environments.

In addition, there were representative speakers Wellington Costa – Commercial Director at Lobtec, Fabio Santos – Senior Manager of People and Management at Jamef, and Marcia Lima, National HRBP at Shoppe, who gave a panel discussion on the impact of people management on employees’ quality of life and organizational productivity.

As well as networking sessions and inspiring presentations, the event offered participants the chance to explore the latest technological innovations in the area of people management through interactive demonstrations and successful case studies.

These hands-on experiences allowed participants to visualize how SISQUAL® WFM solutions and Lobtec can transform their operations and improve the performance of their workforce in the competitive Brazilian retail market.

Overall, this was an exceptional event that not only highlighted the importance of people management in the retail sector, but also provided a unique platform for exchanging ideas, collaborating, and exploring new business opportunities.

With the success of this event, SISQUAL® WFM reaffirms its commitment to promoting excellence in people management and strengthening its position as a leader in the Brazilian retail and logistics market.

For more information on the innovative solutions offered by SISQUAL® WFM and Lobtec, visit their respective websites.