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Lojas MEO implementam solução de WFM da SISQUAL

Lojas MEO implementam solução de WFM da SISQUAL



In September 2017, the Implementation Project for WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT was launched in Lojas MEO. Having defined the objectives to be achieved with the implementation of SISQUAL® solutions, identified below, the management of the employees’ schedules and their humanization should translate into significant gains to the operation.


As objectives, we now list, we have a Higher Quality of Service Provided, Savings in the time of management in planning and management, Increased Sales – Labor Cost Reduction, Total Organization Visibility, Greater Satisfaction of Employees with Less Absenteeism and Turn-Over and Compliance with Labor Legislation.


The system will automatically generate employees’ schedules, combining their preference and availability requests, as well as their competencies for tasks defined to achieve the required service levels in each 15-minute work period.


To this end, the project is based on the use of the following modules:

• SISQUAL® Footfall
• SISQUAL® Forecast
• SISQUAL® Schedule Generator
• SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal
• SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit
• SISQUAL® Time & Attendance
• SISQUAL® Bonus
• SISQUAL® Notifier
• SISQUAL® SalaryCalc
• SISQUAL® Business Intelligence