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José Pedro Fernandes, VP of SISQUAL® WFM wins Technology and Innovation Award

100 mais influentes do ano 2023

José Pedro Fernandes, VP of SISQUAL® WFM wins Technology and Innovation Award

On a night of celebration and recognition of excellence in the healthcare sector, SISQUAL® WFM‘s Vice President, José Pedro Fernandes, stood out when he received the prestigious “Oscar” for Healthcare in Brazil, the “100 Most Influential in Healthcare” award for 2023, in the Technology and Innovation category.

The event, which brought together the industry’s leading professionals and aims to recognize the most outstanding people in the sector, took place on the 12th of this month at the Palácio Tangará in São Paulo. This distinction also highlights SISQUAL® WFM‘s positive impact on healthcare in 2023.

José Pedro Fernandes, Vice President of SISQUAL® WFM, has led global business development, focusing especially on operations in Brazil since 2014.

His leadership has been instrumental in positioning the company in the country’s healthcare landscape. He also has a visionary approach at the forefront of the industry, improving operational efficiency and the quality of healthcare.

Today, more than 400 hospitals in Brazil use SISQUAL® WFM, a direct result of José Pedro Fernandes’ efforts to strengthen the company’s presence in the region.

Endrigo Duarte, Commercial Director of SISQUAL® WFM, had the honor of representing the company at the awards ceremony, where he received the award on behalf of the Vice President.

He expressed his gratitude and highlighted the importance of innovation and technology in the continuous improvement of healthcare services.

The event, organized by Grupo Mídia, is a benchmark in the healthcare sector for recognizing the most influential and outstanding professionals. Referred to as the “Oscars” of the sector, it is a milestone for any recipient.

The winners are chosen through an open vote and market research carried out by Grupo Mídia’s Editorial Board.

This recognition comes at a crucial time, with technology playing a key role in transforming the healthcare landscape. The dedication of José Pedro Fernandes and his team at SISQUAL® WFM has been instrumental in driving significant advances in the sector.

Find out more about the event here.