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Improved Human Management: Empowering Organizations with Efficient HCM and WFM Solutions

Improved Human Management: Empowering Organizations with Efficient HCM and WFM Solutions

In today’s business world, efficient management is a crucial factor for the success of organizations seeking to optimize their processes and improve the productivity and health of their employees. In this context, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workforce Management (WFM) play key roles in achieving these goals. 

An efficient management system designed to measure and fulfill the needs of the workforce: when employees feel valued and their demands are answered, the quality of work improves and productivity increases. A well-structured management system makes it easier to identify and support the team needs, promoting a positive environment and boosting professional development. 

When combined with clear communication and well-defined goals, the activities performed by employees are aligned with the company’s objectives. Investing in a solid management system is a strategic move to improve workforce performance and boost business success.

HCM: Maximizing Human Potential 

Human Capital Management (HCM) entails a variety of practices and strategies focused on the development, training and management of an organization’s employees, such as recruitment, training, payment and talent management. 

The purpose of HCM is to maximize human potential through Human Resources by aligning employees’ skills, experiences and goals with the organization’s overall objectives. In this manner, tasks related to employee management are treated as a fundamental corporate asset for boosting the company’s commitment to developing and valuing its human capital. 


WFM: Optimizing the Workforce 

The Workforce Management (WFM) is a strategic approach to optimizing the allocation and use of human resources in an organization, ensuring that the optimum number of employees with the right skills are available at the right times. WFM covers aspects such as forecasting demand, planning work schedules, monitoring attendance and management time during the performance of daily activities. 

The effective implementation of WFM brings many benefits such as reducing operating costs, improving efficiency and service quality, balancing the workload among employees

and greater flexibility to deal with seasonal variations or unforeseen events. By implementing this solution, companies can increase their service capacity, minimize queues and provide a better customer experience. 


HCM vs WFM: Which one is the best choice? 

When facing the dilemma between HCM and WFM, it is crucial to understand the nuances and specifics of each of these management tools. HCM (Human Capital Management) plays a fundamental role in looking after human resources, from talent acquisition to professional development and employee retainment. 

In this case, a viable and efficient solution would be the integration of an HCM system into a Workforce Management tool. By combining the advantages of HCM with the agility and effectiveness of WFM, the company can improve its human resources management practices and optimize the productivity of the entire team. 

On the other hand, WFM stands out as a proven effective tool on the international scene, providing the best results and the highest rate of Return on Investment (ROI). By adopting a WFM system, the company can rely on a focused approach to optimizing workforce planning and scheduling. The possibility of creating work schedules that are balanced and adjustable to seasonal demands becomes a significant advantage, allowing the company to attend its needs more efficiently. 

In addition, WFM offers real-time monitoring capability, allowing management to have a clear and detailed view of the team’s performance. This productivity transparency is a valuable tool for making agile and well-founded decisions, which can boost the company’s operational efficiency and competitiveness. 

Integrating both solutions can provide a more complete approach adapted to the company’s reality, allowing human resources management to be efficient and effective, while the workforce is carefully optimized to respond market demands. 

By finding the right balance between these two options, the company will be well placed to face future challenges and thrive in a competitive business environment. 


How can SISQUAL® WFM help Companies and Organizations? 

When it comes to HCM, it’s important to point out that its application doesn’t allow direct intermediation with employees. This means that the best option is to integrate an HCM system with a Workforce Management tool. 

On the other hand, WFM is the tool that presents the best results in the international market, with the highest Return on Investment (ROI) delivery rate within Human Capital solutions, due to the possibilities of saving time and managing the workforce by reducing turnover, controlling absenteeism, managing presenteeism and overtime. 

When the topic is maximizing results, WFM, which is a metric to measure the effectiveness and profitability of an investment, becomes an excellent partner for HCM. By analyzing aspects such as resource allocation, team productivity and process optimization, WFM provides valuable insights for HCM, enabling a more strategic approach to employee management. 

This alignment between financial metrics and talent management creates an enabling environment not only for operational efficiency, but also for the organization’s sustainable growth. That way, WFM and HCM work together to optimize the use of human resources, boosting competitiveness and achieving goals with greater consistency. 

This is where SISQUAL WFM® positions itself as a strong ally for companies and organizations, as we have a solution that integrates the main HCM software on the market, which, when used together, are enhanced and form the perfect union for efficient HR management. With almost 10 years of experience in Brazil and a comprehensive portfolio, we offer personalized and effective solutions for the specific needs of each client, standing out as a reference in the market and a leader in WFM solutions. 

Through the use of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and data analysis, we provide companies with relevant insights and basis, enabling a more complete and assertive vision in decision making. Our solutions range from managing working hours and schedules to forecasting demand and analyzing employee performance. 

We have a specialized team that is highly qualified and present at every stage of the solution implementation process. With Sisqual WFM®, you can get a technical approach that goes step by step with each client, working closely with the aim of understanding their biggest shortcomings and points for improvement, thus identifying the best strategies to guarantee efficient results. 

Trust Sisqual WFM® for a complete solution that will revolutionize your workforce development. Get in touch with our team and start seeing results!