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AHBB has implemented SISQUAL® WFM

AHBB has implemented SISQUAL® WFM

AHBB (Associação Hospitalar Beneficente do Brasil) successfully implemented SISQUAL® WFM, after starting the process with the scheduling module (SISQUAL® Auto-scheduling) and attendance system (SISQUAL® Time&Attendance).

AHBB (Associação Hospitalar Beneficente do Brasil) is a public utility institution that works for the efficiency of health services provided to the population.
The institution, which is considered a Social Health Organization (OSS) manages over 500 employees, having opted for SISQUAL® WFM in order to have a better management of its teams, reducing extra costs with operations. Before the tool’s implementation time management was not done in an automated way, having since had an increase in the efficiency of operations and, consequently, the quality of services provided.

Since October 2022, approximately 840 AHBB employees benefit from various SISQUAL® WFM modules, including SISQUAL® Auto Scheduling, SISQUAL® Time & Attendance, SISQUAL® Operations Cockpit, and SISQUAL® Quality of Life Portal.
Through SISQUAL® Quality of Life app, employees may also register attendance appointments on their mobile phones, obtaining greater autonomy in the management of their schedules.
Aiming to implement technological models that can add value to health management in Brazil, AHBB also aims to expand the use of SISQUAL® WFM to various health units in Brazil, to ensure greater productivity of employees and an increase in patient safety.


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