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The State Foundation for Specialized Healthcare (FEAES), in Brazil, acquires a WFM tool to improve team management

The State Foundation for Specialized Healthcare (FEAES), in Brazil, acquires a WFM tool to improve team management



The solution developed by SISQUAL® will be responsible for the management of more than 1,800 employees of the institution.


Properly managing healthcare needs within an institution is one of the keys to streamline operations and reduce costs. With ever-tightening margins and a payroll that stifles the budget of public entities, the search for IT tools has been the solution to improve processes and keep hospitals sustainable and provide services to the population.


In August, SISQUAL®, an IT company developer of Workforce Management (WFM) software tools, began its activities at the Fundação Estatal de Atenção Especializada em Saúde (FEAES), in Curitiba. “We are committed to the development and sustainability of Brazil’s healthcare system, either public or private. Managing resources and people is fundamental in the face of an unfavorable scenario for the healthcare industry” says the executive director of SISQUAL®, José Pedro Fernandes.


FEAES’ healthcare units are a fundamental part of the complex structure created in the capital of Paraná to provide quality services to elderly patients, who make up about 10% of the region’s population. “In Portugal, we provide about 90% of the country’s public hospitals. Our expectation is to bring this experience to Brazil and expand our performance in the public sector” Fernandes adds.


Altogether, the structure of the Zilda Arns Elderly Hospital, which is named after one of the greatest icons of health and humanitarian assistance in the country, has 131 beds distributed among infirmaries, isolation rooms, ICU beds, observation, emergency and post-anesthetic recovery centers projected to attend to 18 specialties.


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