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TECNOVIA allies with SISQUAL® WFM software

TECNOVIA allies with SISQUAL® WFM software

In October 2020 TECNOVIA started the expansion project to implement the SISQUAL WFM tool in the effective management of all its employees.

TECNOVIA is a Portuguese construction company founded in 1973, whose origin dates back to 1962. The company’s mission is to develop active participation in Portugal’s development and the geographical areas where it operates, through the management of engineering projects, services, and products integrated into the construction industry and public works.

The group found in the SISQUAL® WFM software the ideal solution for greater effectiveness and optimal production efficiency, replacing a shift planning of more than 600 employees once performed in Excel and on paper, which meant a lot of work and little control over the productivity of their teams.

For that the acquired modules were: SISQUAL® Time & Attendance, SISQUAL® Quality of Life, and SISQUAL® SalaryCal integrated with Primavera software. This way they’ll be able to comply with the goal of controlling attendance and improving communication between its employees, distributed by dozens of shipyards, several construction sites, and also their service providers.

The initial project begins in Portugal, and is expected to extend to other companies of the group in Portugal (Madeira and Azores), as well as international companies such as Cape Verde and Angola.