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SISQUAL’s webinar about Internationalisation

SISQUAL’s webinar about Internationalisation

On 30th April SISQUAL organized a Webinar on Internationalization for which it invited Miguel Seixas, a former member of the SonaeMC and SonaeSR Executive Committee, to share with us his experience and vision on the subject.

The session was open to all companies planning to internationalize or to launch themselves in new foreign markets and had more than 80 participants from 3 different continents (Europe, America and Africa).

It followed the topics:

– The concept of internationalization, what is internationalization from the speaker’s perspective and why companies internationalize;

– What are the main questions to be asked at the strategy level when internationalizing;

– What are the main risks (legal, economic, cultural…);

– Analysis of success and failure factors (what is mandatory to do in a process of internationalization and what should be avoided).

In the end, there was also space for Questions and Answers and a Debate session where ideas and experiences were exchanged about this great challenge that is Internationalization.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in this Webinar, which proved to be a real success! We hope to count on you in future events.