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SISQUAL wins the tender for supplying a Time and Attendance solution to IPCA

SISQUAL wins the tender for supplying a Time and Attendance solution to IPCA



IPCA – Cávado e Ave Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1994 and started its teaching activity with 2 higher education courses in 1996 and 74 students in its facilities in Barcelos.


Over time the IPCA has grown both in terms of numbers of courses and in number of students attending them. In October 2014, the IPCA was a national player, becoming one of the first institutions to teach Higher Professional Technical Courses (TeSP). ), reaching even the largest number of students in this type of offer, which justified the expansion to Braga in 2014 and to Guimarães in 2015.


With an institutional strategy directed to quality, its main starting point is the articulation between the organizational mission, the strategic axes and the objectives to be achieved, defined in the IPCA Strategic Plan.


In October 2016, the IPCA launched a tender for the acquisition of a Control and Attendance Management solution for its non-teaching employees, with automatic integration with Primavera BSS HR ERP, which was won by SISQUAL® with the respective operating license agreement signed for 3 years.


With this project SISQUAL® reinforces its position in the education sector.