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SISQUAL will participate in the Healthcare Business 2019 Forum

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SISQUAL will participate in the Healthcare Business 2019 Forum

Discussing, learning and generating new ideas and concepts for the future in the health sector makes the Fórum Healthcare Business 2019the ideal place to attend to market needs and provide better skills for both health professionals and managers.

The event starts this weekend, September 20-22, in Guarujá, São Paulo, under the theme “Building the Future in Health” and will explore 4 major topics: health management, infrastructure and facilities, supplementary health and technology.

One of the highlights of Saturday, will be Dr. Marcos Roberto Dornelas, at 15h the Head of Human Resources Hospital IGESPwill make a presentation on the “Digital Transformation of IGESP”, using the benefits that a tool like SISQUAL® WFMbrings to Hospital Management.

The event’s program has important talk-shows, debates and round tables full of great professionals from the Health Sector in Brazil who come together to discuss the event’s themes and bring their daily experiences of the main ones hospitals in Brazil, such as the Sírio Libanês, Hospital Albert Einstein, HCor, Santa Casa da Bahia and Grupo Notre Dame Intermédica..

The SISQUAL team was recently awarded the Most Remembered Brand – Healthcare Decision Making Solution in Brazil and recognized by Gartner as one of the leading companies dedicated to developing this type of software for Workforce technology solutions in the world. Management SISQUAL® WFMcombines productivity and quality of life as a major engine for workforce management and enhances service levels by improving patient safety.

With actions and partners around the world, we participate in several events as partners, sponsors and speakers. SISQUAL® wishes to unite with the managers of the future by offering them sustainability and effectiveness in the health sector. We actively participate in the Healthcare Business 2019 Forum to support our partners, clients and stakeholders in building a good workplace culture.