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SISQUAL will be present at Global Retail Show

SISQUAL will be present at Global Retail Show

One of the biggest events about retail trends and the future of consumption in the world and whose goal is to gather leaders of these sectors, businessmen, executives, governments, companies, and individuals has already a date set and SISQUAL could not miss it.

The first edition of the Global Retail Show, an unprecedented and completely online event, will take place between September 13th and 19th. During these seven days, it is expected that about ten thousand people from 30 countries will participate, where they will discuss the strategic transformations in retail and consumption in a post-Covid 19 world.

The truth is that the decade started with great transformations and the Covid-19 pandemic came to change the world as we knew it. There were significant changes in work relations, expectations, purchase behavior, and there was even a reinvention of retail, topics we have already discussed a little in this SISQUAL article.

Thus, more than ever, it is necessary that entrepreneurs, executives, governments, companies and individuals related to retail and consumption sectors are able to recognize trends and understand new mentalities, in order to know how to take back their businesses quickly, effectively and without losses, with appropriate strategies and tactical paths.

The organizers’ goal, as one can read on the event’s official website, is “for participants from all continents to discuss and exchange, in real-time, their experiences, visions, knowledge and best practices“. It is intended to create a space never before seen of debate, close collaboration, and co-learning on a global scale that will give all participants the opportunity to learn about products, promising technologies, platforms, and trend research on new behaviors, partnership opportunities, and organizational agility.

During the seven days of the event, there will be 67 panels with more than 276 international speakers, distributed by 19 themes ranging from technology to finance, big data, digital marketing, franchising, foodservice, e-commerce, logistics, human resources, among others. There will also be a presentation of exclusive researches, among them one about Tomorrow’s Consumer carried out in 14 countries.

The first edition will count with great names, among them the former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Peter Diamandis from Singularity University, Abilio Diniz from Peninsula, Cândido Bracher from Itaú, and Flavia Bitencour from Adidas, who will share more than 150 hours of content during the online event.

A promising event that SISQUAL could not miss.

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