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SISQUAL® WFM attends SuperInter 2023

SISQUAL® WFM attends SuperInter 2023

On July 12 and 13th, the city of Uberlândia will host Superinter Triângulo e Alto Paranaíba, the largest retail event in the interior of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Promoted by the Minas Gerais Association of Supermarkets (AMIS), the event brings together leading professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs, providing a favorable environment for knowledge exchange, networking, and exposure to the most innovative solutions available in the market.

At the event SISQUAL® WFM will have the opportunity to present an innovative tool to the main entrepreneurs and professionals of the region, using advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and data analysis, and offering solutions capable of significantly improving workforce management in retail.
According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the retail sector represents a relevant portion of the region’s economy, creating jobs, moving trade, and boosting local GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The Triângulo Mineiro and Alto Paranaíba form a region in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, known for its economic strength and diversity of productive activities, with retail being one of the pillars of this growth.

The partnership between AMIS and SISQUAL® WFM aims to strengthen the retail sector and promote operational efficiency, cost reduction, and greater productivity for local businesses. Therefore, the Superinter event becomes an important catalyst for business and knowledge, boosting the regional economy and consolidating the Triângulo Mineiro and Alto Paranaíba as a prominent economic hub.

See the event’s gallery below: